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Cameron Made Foreign Secretary

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Hymie | 22:21 Mon 13th Nov 2023 | News
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Those Brexiteers who hate the EUSSR for their (false) belief in that there is an inherent lack of democracy within the EU parliament, must be wondering how our glorious Mother of Parliaments, and democracy (ensuring those in power can be held to account) can have a Home Secretary who isn’t even an MP.


Just how corrupt is British politics when someone with Cameron’s dodgy past can be appointed to such high office without a single person in the UK voting for him – democracy or what?



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Plenty of Lords are or used to be junior ministers. I remember Lord Melchett at Education in the NIO: "the trendy socialist Lord" as our headmaster fulminated at the time!

oh well, thats another of the trolls posts totally shredded and debunked, im guessing hes asking his "mate phil" ag, ag, ag, what to post next...

The Tories hold 350 seats in the House of Commons. Cameron’s appointment sends the message that Sunak does not consider any of his 349 colleagues to be equipped for high office.

 That is the allegation that Keir Starmer and co will bellow across the chamber at Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday, and every Wednesday afterwards until the next election. Fortunately for the new foreign secretary, he won’t be in the Commons to deal with those attacks.

we now have a minister for common sense. at least now we're one step closer to getting an actual minister for silly walks....

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Cameron Made Foreign Secretary

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