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Re Adverts with sound.

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Mamyalynne | 19:18 Thu 18th Oct 2012 | Editor's Blog
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Ed....many have posted re the noisy ads, sadly not in this section, so am bringing them here for your opinions and views.





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Cilit bang one has just blared out at me. I can't turn the sound off as I'm listening to the radio via laptop too.
Cilit bang and Vanish should be on my hit-list then? Thanks.
If anyone spots a noisy ad in the future - could you please tell me what it is for, or even better, the landing page of the advert?
Thanks Ed.
Strepsils ad has just blared out
Do you have to hover-over for it to play? Or does it auto-play?

I'll add Strepsils to the list of issue ads.
We think we've got them.
Thanks ed. I wasn't aware I was hovering over them but maybe I was
Question Author
Factor....some people would be glad of a Cilit Bang on a Friday, stop complaining.
Just had finish and have had strepils, but cant seem to see the ad itself? i think it is the one in the middle section next to the best answer bit.
Worth checking next time you see one factor. Some of them require you to hover over for a few second before they play outright.

We don't do autoplay as a rule - but we like video ads generally!
and just now harpic!
Perhaps I am now a speaker that the Ed might like to turn-off.:-)

I get the impression that most complaints, about Adverts, are from ABers who are continuing to use Internet Explorer as their Browser. With Google Chrome and Firefox it is possible to just give a mouse click and turn off all adverts.

Where do I click on Google Chrome to turn off the adverts?
I'll not be popular with AB by telling you that you have to install 'Adblock' as a free download 'add-on' to Google Chrome.

Easier just to turn the sound off
Question Author
Yes but many people like to have music playing on another site and the Ads cut across it.

I also like to be able to hear my Messenger and Email sound alerts.
mamya... Out of interest...What Browser are you using.?


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Re Adverts with sound.

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