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Why Is Answer Bank Still A Mess ? 99% Of The Time The Site Is Unuseable ?

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modeller | 09:54 Tue 20th Jun 2017 | Editor's Blog
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Your mate Theland said similar last night...

BT, Chrome, Windows 10 here, not a problem in sight, for ages.
No problems with Chrome and Windows 7
Had to use Brave. Much better now.
Are you getting ad problems ?
have a few hiccups now and again, but PC was new when Fred Flintstone was a nipper, but most of the time fine.
Chrome and Win 7 here.
Are you by any chance using Internet Explorer ? What equipment and Operating System?.


Windows 10, Firefox, Virgin broadband

No problems at all
Hi Modeller!

I'm sorry to hear that the site isn't behaving for you. As others have said, it has got a bit better recently (or so I thought!)

I am sure I have asked before, but how are you accessing the site etc? Browser/OS/Device is usually needed to help us troubleshoot.

currently I can only access AB via my smartphone, which has very limited functionality. from my pc (win7 plus IExlore) I cannot even log on any more - "error 502 bad gateway".
you need the tablet / mobile version on the phone modeller
mushroom soz ^^
BT, CHROME and Windows 10, and not a single problem for me either.
Virgin Media, W10 - no problems for me in Edge, Firefox, Chrome or Opera (I prefer Opera at the moment).

No problems on my ancient Android tablet nor my Android smartphone.

I find the site to be easy to use, fast and responsive.
never a problem - Win 10 Pro, Firefox, Norton Security & that program we dont mention
Windows 10 and chrome and behaving at the moment but sporadically absolutely appalling with or without that which must not be named...
win 10 chrome no probs
Ed...these complaints have been going on for ages....we didn't have them before you made your changes.

So, can you please tell what combination of OP and Browser will not work ?

I believe clearing Caches and History helps.
Question Author
ED. Currently I'm using windows 7 and Internet Explorer. but I have used Chrome. Yesterday there was not problems and in particular , freezing. F

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Why Is Answer Bank Still A Mess ? 99% Of The Time The Site Is Unuseable ?

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