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Radagast | 16:19 Sun 05th Jun 2022 | Editor's Blog
8 Answers
Dear Radagast,

New users do not have immediate access to an Avatar, but after a short introductory period you will be able to set your own Avatar.

You may connect with Gravatar in -2597 days and after 10 more legitimate posts.


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Lol sounds about right, the two ladies will be back tomorrow, But I see your avatar... Falcon/Eagle?
I can see your avatar (red kite?) on your profile but not on this thread. You've been a member for yonks!!
Question Author
Red Kite.
I take it that you're wondering why your avatar isn't showing on your posts.

Answerbank's server most definitely knows that it exists, as a falcon is showing in your profile, so the most common problems in this respect (such as a member using a different email address for TheAnswerbank and Gravatar) clearly don't apply here. You're not the first to encounter to this problem though, which usually seems to get resolved in the end.

Start by checking that your avatar is enabled in your profile:
Click on 'view your profile' (top right). If your avatar is already enabled, you should see 'Deactivate Avatar' shown there, meaning that you need to take no action. If it's not, you should see 'Activate Avatar', which you can then click on.

[If your avatar is showing as already activated, you might want to try deactivating it, logging out, clearing your cache and cookies, logging back in again and reactivating it. I've absolutely no idea whether that would make any difference though!]

If you still can't get anywhere, use the 'Contact Us' link (at the very bottom of this page) to notify the Ed or send an email directly to [email protected] .
Good to know that Buenchico, (chris ;-) Explains it clearly and simply.
It would be interesting to know when Radagast sees the text in the OP. It looks like something "computer generated" that would appear when someone attempts to Activate their avatar. I imagine that Radagast was highlighting the rather nonsensical concept of being able to "connect with Gravatar in -2597 days" (maybe AB thinks time travel is possible?) and the requirement for "10 more legitimate posts" which he has far exceeded.
I had a similar issue when I joined, I think the avatar system on this site needs some work.
My avatar is fine at gravatar and works on other sites, but is missing on AB. I see it when I post and in my profile, but it hasn’t appeared for a few years.

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