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ABEditor22 | 21:17 Sun 28th Aug 2022 | Editor's Blog
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Dear AnswerBank Community,

I wanted to write to you all to explain a new feature that we have rolled out across The AnswerBank, and, most importantly, to why we have chosen to do so. I am of course talking about the new Donations feature, which you may have noticed recently.

As you know, The AnswerBank is free, and always has been, for our users to access. We have never charged any fees, and, historically, maintenance and upkeep of the website has always been funded by advertising alone. Sadly, over the years, our advertising revenue has declined, in part due to a gradual decrease in traffic volumes, but also due to the rise in the use of Ad Blockers and similar technology.

Whilst we do understand that there are users of The AnswerBank that would prefer to see less advertising on the website, it has always seemed the fairest way to continue to raise funds to cover our costs whilst keeping it free and accessible for all users. However, unfortunately, it is no longer sufficient to continually develop and maintain the platform based on advertising revenue alone.

That’s why we need your help; to raise funds, via voluntary donations. Through your donations, we would like to not only continue to support, maintain and provide the service that The AnswerBank offers; we would like to make it even better. We want to implement new features, as requested by the community, and as part of this, we would like to engage you with our plans to invest the funds raised into the platform.

The new Donations feature is of course entirely optional, but we are hopeful that the community can support this as a way of not only sustaining the platform, but to help it flourish and improve into the future. You can give as much or as little as you would like (although there is a £2 minimum enforced by our donations partner to cover card processing fee’s). You can donate as a one-off, or you can opt to donate regularly on a weekly or monthly basis; whatever suits you best.

We plan to be transparent as we move forwards with regards to the funds we are raising and the impact this is having on the continued success and development of The AnswerBank, so it is out intention to provide updates regularly.

All the best.


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"Where does 007 fit into AB?"

AB Towers has a wee sideline growing crops and 007 helps them out as he's licensed to till...
Who is the mysterious M.

I agree with you Gness. Newcomers are treated with suspicion and often ridiculed. If I was a newcomer I wouldn't come back.

And we need new blood! New young blood! And more respect for the older generation. And no name calling or tittle tattling. Lots need sorting out. And no secret moderators, and more responsible mods around at weekends. And so much more.
to tell the truth, they'll probably make more money growing cannabis in the AB Towers roof garden than going cap in hand to members

You have been subjected to bullying/trolling/harassment by pathetic pair!
Well, I might donate – I get at least £2 worth of entertainment reading TTT’s posts.
I really don't mind whether or not mods are named, MissT. I do expect them, as they have some control over our posts, to know members and consider how their actions may affect them. The hasn't been happening recently.
It would be great to have some new members of any age! However the constant bickering, name calling and incontinence problems won't encourage a newcomer to stay.
Toorak. Not surprised at all. No worries! I just had to say something. I won't be the last
I'd be interested to know what constitutes a legitimate question on here. I get people asking for help with mental health issues and other things, but is it really vital to know whether anyone cooks a Sunday roast any more, or whether anyone's seen the latest episode of "insert any reality TV show here"?
'is it really vital to know whether anyone cooks a Sunday roast any more, or whether anyone's seen the latest episode of "insert any reality TV show here"?'

I doubt the folk asking those types of questions think they're vital and ChatterBank is the ideal category for questions of little or no importance.
And yes pathetic and obvious what was going on. I'm just ignoring now.
Jim, that doesn't matter. They're things that other members are interested in. Those threads can wander and become a bit of banter and you never know they could attract others with interests in cooking and recipes which are often shared here or even TV viewing. If you live alone it can be good to have a natter on here.

It's the constant name calling and bullying from a handful who seem to spend most of their time on AB that turns new members elsewhere.
My last post was to Toorak.
Best ignored, MissT but bad for this site. Still, be thankful we don't have to wake up beside them each morning! ;-)
It's the constant name calling and bullying from a handful who seem to spend most of their time on AB that turns new members elsewhere.

Mostly from ( many times in some cases ) previously banned posters ( I thought it was against Site Rules for a banned poster to return ).
"If you live alone it can be good to have a natter on here."

But is that what this site of intended for, though? It's supposed to be a question and answer site, not another social media outlet.
Yes Gness best ignored, but when someone I like is being obviously targeted I have to say something. I don't care what they say about me. It's just not important.
It needs a new name perhaps Jim.
It's not just a Q&A site though, Jim. CB would have to go in that case. The way some are getting away with answering questions lately it wouldn't last five minutes were it just Qs&As.
What harm in having part of it to help people in other ways. I recall Mamya saying what a help it was to her in bad times. Is that so wrong?
Mind you, someone obviously needing help recently was treated badly so maybe times...and members...have changed. :-(

and members...have changed. :-(

Some have but some are back with a different AB name.

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