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ABEditor22 | 21:17 Sun 28th Aug 2022 | Editor's Blog
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Historic Monthly Donation Sums:
August 2022: £127
September 2022: £91.45
October 2022: £29.23
November 2022: £8
December 2022: £10
January 2023: £33
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March 2023: £482.58
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May 2023: £303.38
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July 2023: £88
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September 2023: £110.36
October 2023: £103.58
November 2023: £70.26
December 2023: £54.12
January 2024: £56.14
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March 2024: £81.98


Dear AnswerBank Community,

I wanted to write to you all to explain a new feature that we have rolled out across The AnswerBank, and, most importantly, to why we have chosen to do so. I am of course talking about the new Donations feature, which you may have noticed recently.

As you know, The AnswerBank is free, and always has been, for our users to access. We have never charged any fees, and, historically, maintenance and upkeep of the website has always been funded by advertising alone. Sadly, over the years, our advertising revenue has declined, in part due to a gradual decrease in traffic volumes, but also due to the rise in the use of Ad Blockers and similar technology.

Whilst we do understand that there are users of The AnswerBank that would prefer to see less advertising on the website, it has always seemed the fairest way to continue to raise funds to cover our costs whilst keeping it free and accessible for all users. However, unfortunately, it is no longer sufficient to continually develop and maintain the platform based on advertising revenue alone.

That’s why we need your help; to raise funds, via voluntary donations. Through your donations, we would like to not only continue to support, maintain and provide the service that The AnswerBank offers; we would like to make it even better. We want to implement new features, as requested by the community, and as part of this, we would like to engage you with our plans to invest the funds raised into the platform.

The new Donations feature is of course entirely optional, but we are hopeful that the community can support this as a way of not only sustaining the platform, but to help it flourish and improve into the future. You can give as much or as little as you would like (although there is a £2 minimum enforced by our donations partner to cover card processing fee’s). You can donate as a one-off, or you can opt to donate regularly on a weekly or monthly basis; whatever suits you best.

We plan to be transparent as we move forwards with regards to the funds we are raising and the impact this is having on the continued success and development of The AnswerBank, so it is out intention to provide updates regularly.

All the best.


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//Yep, a few times when this place was a cess pit, it’s heading that way again//

Lol, you mean like when you’re joining in with a gang calling others Pte Pike or Rambo etc?
Do you know the meaning behind the hares and hounds idiom?
Couldn’t make it up….PMSL
Corby. To be honest I wouldn't care a jot if I was suspended. I made an honest statement which touched raw nerves and caused all this. It would be my first suspension in over 17 years. ;0)
Hoe many abers have like missterious) not seen the obvious trouble makers on Ab , they have been doing it years.
damn savages...
I know Anne, but I have kept quiet. Yesterday I had to say something.
Even though the thread has left the main topic as per (& don't give me the tired old guff about "natural evolution of discussion")...

This is where Lynne & I met & thereafter enjoyed nearly 15 years of love & friendship. She would've been among the first to donate, despite despairing (as do I) of the constant whining that threatens to undermine the whole shebang.

I'll donate what & when I can without making demands (though I might make a suggestion now & again), in the hope that AB is able to continue running much as it does now & that a few tech tweaks can be accomplished without too much faffery.

Too many people on the site get away with far too much, but for now at least, it would be imprudent of me to post anything further.
All this rubbish should never have been dragged into this thread. If you must carry on, go somewhere else.
Thumbs up ^^^^
Biting ones tongue becomes painful ;)
There are times when you just can't bite your tongue Pasta.
A post about the whole future of AnswerBank was always going to be emotive.
Does anyone think that a donations system might make the whole politic of the site a bit us (that have donated) and them (those who haven’t)?
There will always be those who won’t be able to resist mentioning their financial contributions and who claim their status to be more ‘worthy’ having donated.
From something I read on here this morning, I understood donations to be anonymous, zacs, but I suppose there might be some who'll boast about what they claim to have given.
Why not just charge everyone a £1 a month
A whole £1.00 Red!
Lol, points proved with the removed answers.
I’ll spend my money elsewhere, thanks.
I think that makes the business side of things more complex, Red and I think there may be a fear of people just not willing to do it, resulting in a precipitous drop in members.
Naomi, yes I’m sure donations will be anonymous but it is my fear that some will ‘lord it’ over others by announcing their perceived higher status by way of contributing financially. They may, actually, have a point as they could be said to have more worth than those who do not contribute to AB’s existence, especially the agent provocateurs. People may also lie about contributing and I thing this would have to be very strictly moderated.
Points proved.
Will this remain?
Lol yes a whole £1 which I would happily pay but no more as I don’t normally pay to walk the mire
Sorry fatticus is that at me?
//Sorry fatticus is that at me?//

Not in the slightest, seriously.
Elsewhere, no one user, I can’t be more specific because it’ll disappear!
I think I'll just continue with the charities I support on a regular basis.

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