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E D Your New Mod Is Hopeless...

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ToraToraTora | 18:49 Wed 11th Oct 2023 | Editor's Blog
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Newmodarmy is contributing to threads from banned members, intigating arguments from poor understanding. Not on the pace at all, means well of course but pretty poor at seeing essential differences between positions. Let ME clean up dodge for you. Why have you hired amateurs when you have access to the professionals?



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I hope whoever strung TTT up from a great height releases him soon.  'News' is certainly poorer without him and by comparison to others he gets dangled rather too readily in my opinion.  He might be a pain in the bottom at times but he's our pain in the bottom.  😂
06:20 Thu 12th Oct 2023
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she'll probably suspend me for this but I hope you'll see the folly later.

are you trying to claim that you are a professional Mod, TTT. Given your avatar, that would be like you leading operations at Gallipoli, not WC's finest hour, was it?

TTT, Newmodarmy isn't a mod.  Some professional you turned out to be.  ;o)

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no but nma should be getting shot of landf rather than contributing to his row locks.

Madame Delphi has spoken, and so beit for the better in putting the tableau right!

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18:52 ok fair enough, they carried on like they were. I got a warning yesterday. Ok so the site is happy with trolls and pretend mods, I get it. You need me more than ever.

I guess you and I are available, though I am not on here much, probably less than twenty percent than when I really was - the site having deteriorated in terms of content and 'the good folk'.

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I'd clean up dodge double the revenue in 12 months guaranteed, the problem is the owners idiot grandson is untouchable.

I smell a suspension in the offering......

This is funny but may explain why you were so upset with my contribution to a discussion yesterday when you completely misunderstood my attempt to answer your query.  If you think I am some sort of site moderator with the power to suspend people and 'clean up' then let me put your mind at rest. I am not. I'm here primarily to help me and others with crosswords and quizzes.

I explained somewhere else that my name on forums is newmodelarmy and I intended to sign up to this forum under that name but inadvertently mistyped it. I have not yet worked out how to correct it but will try. 

Let's work together, as Canned Heat sang

-- answer removed --
-- answer removed --

Didn't think one could beome a Mod overnight   ..  Newmodarmy only joined AB on Monday!

I for one would like to second the motion before the panel on the condition that the applicant makes his credentials public.


Self praise is no recommendation, I'm looking for creation. 😊

One further point, ToraToraTora, as I have just noticed that at 18:56 you referred to a pretend mod (me?) and said "they carried on like they were. I got a warning yesterday. "

If that is a reference to me, I have no idea why you felt I was warning you. I have no desire or need to warn anyone. I just wanted to help. I even said royfromoz's post was petty in my opinion but for some reason you perceived that I was endorsing his point. I apologise if that's how it seemed to you but I doubt very much that anyone else would have perceived it that way.

Please can we put it behind us.  Life's too short. I'd rather be answering crossword clues and chatting amicably where I feel I can contribute.

🎵Things can only get better.🎵

This is amusing. It's like Gunfight at the OK Coral.

Handbags at dawn

Best not to post when you're drunk.

Is popcorn on the menu?

I'm not drunk.

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E D Your New Mod Is Hopeless...

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