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Hazlinny | 19:49 Sat 14th Oct 2023 | Editor's Blog
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Is there no way of preventing Landf  coming on to the AB site and spoiling threads?



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The editor should be able to ascertain that his IP address/number is Russian.  Easily done

Just as easy to use a VPN and spook a UK IP address.

As long as he wants to spend time creating new e-mail addresses and new usernames, it's not possible to stop him but the Mods seem to be keeping up with him.


Alternative IP addresses can be created so tracing them won't help to identify him.

I believe he did post his actual Russian address some time ago

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You have your work cut out this evening 🙁

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-- answer removed --

It may be worth closing this one for a while too Buenchico.

OP Hazlinny. "No need to  prevent Landf coming on the site and spoiling threads"..The usual click of abers are quite capable of doing that themselves .

What's a click?

Oh dear. I am being followed.

Click is an alternative spelling of, "clique".

The LandF make believe?

Bet you wish you had a Dollar for that, Dougie. 

Good old Dougie.. Thereza jolly good fellow

What a Bazar post 😬

I never knew Thereza Bazar was in Bucks Fizz.......

Revisionism! A New Beginning?

Van Day was

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