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Can I Change The Order ?

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Canary42 | 20:11 Mon 29th Jan 2024 | Editor's Blog
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Ab threads start with the oldest and continue in reverse date order. This means for the longer threads I have to click on end to find the latest. Other forums which I use are the other way round. I presume this facility is available, I just need to know what it is/how to use it.



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Question Author

Ignore reverse

Doesn't look like it to me- I looked for that

This is something I've thought was topsy turvy but just accepted it, good question, lets hope there is a good answer somewhere.

please NO it's better how it is. I hate sites where you have to go to the end and read backwards.

That doesn't bother him TTT   ...   he pays no heed to what anybody else has to say anyway.  

It would be nice to go straight to the last post...if you want to

you can go straight to the last post by clicking "last" oddly enough.

I'm not aware of any facility to show most recent post first and it takes only seconds to click on, "last" when there are multiple pages.


That's last page  not last post. 


We could do with a better solution to getting to the first post since we last visited the thread. Always have.

This has been asked many times over the years and the Eds have always said it can't be done.

Question Author

///That doesn't bother him TTT   ...   he pays no heed to what anybody else has to say anyway.  ///

Where is your evidence for this claim - or is it that you just enjoy being nasty ?

I prefer it as it is.  Easier to follow the 'story' reading forwards rather than backwards.

Question Author

Yes, but I'm not suggesting the default changes, just the facility to set one's preference.  This feature exists on other forums I regular visit.

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Can I Change The Order ?

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