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Why Is This Abusive Thread Still Here?

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ToraToraTora | 14:44 Wed 07th Feb 2024 | Editor's Blog
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More to the point why is a staunch anti British person who doesn't even live here allowed to post abusive repetitive, often libelous threads every single day?



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Hamas is a proscribed terrorist organization, anyone supporting them (J.Corbyn, note) is supporting terrorism, this includes 'ordinary' Palestinians, who elected them as their government. 
16:19 Wed 07th Feb 2024

are you not making libelous threads when you call users of AB antibritish or terrorist sympathisers?

Question Author

No because they demonstrate that they are and there is mountains of evidence from their own keyboards.

Ttt..... an unhappy bunny ?

lol you are so funny TTT

The same reason you are allowed to post abusive repetitive, often libelous threads every single day? - Because we live in a country that has freedom of speech. I have not noticed anything libelous from that poster, perhaps you could illustrate a recent example ?

TTT - We live in a democracy and this allows people to say things with which you vehemently disagree (providing they are legal and 'decent' - you don't get to define 'decent', either). They ought to be able to say these things without being name-called or insulted and given your propensity for poking at others, you really need to grow a thicker skin.

Irritating ill-informed and made worse by the fact that there  are never, ever any links. It wouldn't matter so much if the question were posed seriously, but it's bar room bore stuff.

Anyway, it gets us all worked up - as do the OP's - and presumably "footfall" helps the books.

Question Author

13:55 There is no one more regulated than me, I can't fart without getting a warning let alone insult anyone. What have I posted that is repetitive?

Libelous examples are all over the place, usually accusing Tory MPs of stealing public money.

Question Author

If I say something true that even slightly offends others it gets zapped straight away. Gulliver (and Hymie for that matter) can post his ill informed un corroborated BS with impunity. Never a link never even a discussion just a grenade post.

Oh come now, TTT, you have spent years here finely crafting the dark arts which have seen you get away with far more than the standard ABer.

Remind me, how many times has a user-name of yours been banned or permanently suspended?


// There is no one more regulated than me, I can't fart without getting a warning let alone insult anyone.//

Playing the victim?


Question Author

I've had other names like others on here. I use only one at any one time though.

I also find some of TTT's stuff objectionable, but while I don't want to see anyone banned, the casual superior attitude of the other person I think is what really bugs a lot of us. There are two people who post on this site who seem to hold most everyone else in contempt. I'm not going to say who I think the other person is  but it isn't Tora.

Anyway, live and let live I say.

Question Author

My current ID is over 10 years old.

No-one HAS to get involved in any thread posted by someone they dislike/abhor/always disagree with. How many times have you uttered the mantra "Don't feed the troll" TTT? Practice what you preach - might do your blood pressure some good if nothing else.

Question Author

Fair comment ken but sometimes you just feel moved to refute the idiot's BS.

//My current ID is over 10 years old//

So, without the obfustication, you have had other names banned and permanently suspended?

And that was in the days when AB was more like the Wild West, too.

You need to learn that other people can be as big wind-up-merchants as you can, it's just that their chosen stance runs contrary to yours.

You have called many of us unpleasant, and undeserved, names due to the conflict in Gaza.

You are incapable of agreeing to disagree - you don't debate, you attempt to bully others into submission.


Frank Doberman syndrome, with a touch of Trumpian victim-playing.

As an aside, how many abers don't go near news topic because of ttt and his admirers ?

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