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emperor | 17:54 Fri 23rd Feb 2024 | Editor's Blog
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How can you fairly give Best Answer when your question has two elements? 



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While I'm always grateful for a 'Best Answer', a post on the thread simply saying 'Thank you' is just as welcome.

So you can just thank the two people who posted answers, rather than (or as well as) selecting a 'Best Answer'.

You can change who you think gave the best answer so if two folk have given the the best answers, you can give neither of them the Best Answer or set a regular reminder to change the Best and alternate between them...


Agree with Buenchico, a simple Thank you... is just as welcoming. As I do the music See how far... lyric thread obviously impossible to choose a BA, usually for me BA are given those that make me laugh or incredibly smart.

Haveing said that, this is AnswerBank. 😉


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