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Excellent Customer Relations (Not!)

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CaptainS | 01:56 Sun 18th Aug 2019 | Adverts
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Does anyone else find that stupid ad for Aviva really annoying? The one where the poor "Existing" customer is being questioned and terrorised like a Murderer or Serial Killer to find out that he is NOT a "NEW" customer?
If that's the way they treat their existing customers, I think I'd go elsewhere! Go Compare Web search here we go, ha ha ☺


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It's go compare for me anyway.
No. It's highlighting an existing issue. Don't see it's annoying.
no I think it's a very good portrayal of the way that insurance companies generally punish loyalty. If Aviva are claiming they do not they may be on to something. They also have a similar style advert demanding the customer confirm all their locks confirm to BSnnnn etc.
I thought the point of the ad was to satirise the way *other* Insurance companies treat their existing customers, and Aviva is saying they *don't* do that...
I quiet like the ad in itself
I thought it was parodying ABers who have two accounts.
Talk about missing the point, Captain. Lol.
Do you keep turning it off before the end? ;-)
Quite clever actually.I renewed my car insurance on the 14th. The broker sadly told me my premium had increased from£380 to £540. It was with Aviva. Absolutely no change in my circumstances with regard to car,address,accidents,convictions or drivers. If I had gone back to Aviva with a different name directly but otherwise the same circumstances as a 'new' customer I am sure they would offer me the original lower premium around £380. I changed insurers myself and added a third driver to my policy. The first premium this year was £380 .10p. I am sure it will not be that price next year. No loyalty rewards these days.
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Ok guys, point taken, thanks for comments & info..... Viva la Aviva ☺
Yes captain
That one flew over your head :-)
Their (pretending) to put right what they know they've being doing for a long long time, ripping regular customers off, regardless of their clever add, they will continue to do so. Don't be fooled.
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Excellent Customer Relations (Not!)

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