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On The Beach Advert

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jw47 | 21:32 Mon 26th Feb 2024 | Adverts
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Am I miss hearing but in the On the Beach advert does the announcer use the 'F' word when he says Here they come xxxxxxx geniuses.  It must be something else



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There already is a thread on this. It's booking geniuses, because they booked the holiday with the advertiser.

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Thanks for answers, I thought it was wrong 

They now have 'booking geniuses' displayed behind them.

I thought the same as you JW but logically knew i must be wrong as it wouldnt possibly be the F world! 

Horrible ad. Horrible family. I would not book with them!

At least the ad serves as a warning about the sort of people they are trying to attract so I can avoid this company.

Do  you remember when 'discriminating' was a positive?

//so I can avoid this company.//

You may avoid the company but it doen't mean you won't end up at the same holiday destination as their clientele. Snob.

davebro3, I'm very careful where I choose to go on holiday, thanks.

Sadly the 'Jet2' brigade are infiltrating many destinations.

Travel is too cheap, need to raise the prices to keep the drunken undesirables from going.

//Travel is too cheap, need to raise the prices to keep the drunken undesirables from going.//

You should pal up with TTT - keep us peasants off the roads as well! 😂

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