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Bargain of a lifetime!! Or not...

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littleoldme | 11:46 Sat 29th Dec 2007 | Adverts
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I see there's an ad on telly now for a magazine which will give you step-by-step instructions on how to build a model of The Flying Scotsman, and the first issue is just 50p. Wow!! OK, so there are 125 weekly issues and all the others will be �4.99 a go, but still you can build a model train in just two and a half years, having shelled out a measly �620 or so for the privilege. Presumably some people must go for this sort of thing, otherwise they wouldn't issue the magazine. Anyone on here tempted?


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Haha,they churn them out every year don`t they.My son and i worked one out and it came to �720 pounds,i can`t remember what it was....some tat worth �2.99 probably!!
ello LOM- long time no errr see?

I know where you're coming from, but if trains are your thing and you'd read the mag, and no doubt build the other model trains that will come with it, i presume it's money well spent?

And no, not tempted- now if they had a mag which has a model of David Beckham to make, I might be persuaded to part with a few quid a week from my sweaty mitts ;-)
look closer at the advert and it says train and rails sold seperatly so i guess its another �600. if you want the train to run on rails............. Wot a bargain !!!
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*waves at B00*

Hiya B00, and happy new year to you and yours - I'm around from time to time but don't have as much access to t'internet these days. A model of David Beckham, eh? I suppose they could do a model of Victoria Beckham too - though that would be done in a couple of weeks and half a dozen matchsticks. Ooh, miaow. Saucer of milk for kitty. ;-)
These things are a right con. I'm suprised anyone subscribes to them.
Funny you should post a thread about that littleoldme,
My hubby comments about it every time the advert is on.
He reckons it will cost someone �620 for the train alone.
Sorry, Not tempted.
I sometimes wonder if these type of magazines ever reach the final edition. Assuming that 90% of the readers give up during the process if the publication would continue to the end?
Adverts for magazines like this one drive me mad!!!! I guess if you've got plenty of money and like a hobby then that's up to the individual, but I would never be tempted into getting started in the first place!

I always look out for the "Complete in X issues" information in small print somewhere in the advert and work out how much it'd cost in total! Madness!

I'll just keep wasting my money on useless celebrity chat by buying my copy of Heat every now and then :o)
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No, but for train enthusiasts, the model comes along as an "extra". It's just a selling ploy though.

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Bargain of a lifetime!! Or not...

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