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How can I get the shine back on my satin shoes

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varobertson | 20:59 Sun 24th May 2009 | Adverts
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I hoped someone could help I have just been to a weddin and have some hot pink satin shoes. I got a black mark right across the satin at the back of the heel and I tried to use some stain remover and damp cloth to remove the stain. The stain is now much better but I seem to have lost the shine on the shoe perhaps I have taken a little of the colouring away too but I hoped that if I could get the shine back on the fabric that any colour difference would be much less noticable. You can see a little in the area I have wiped which is a bit annoying but if only I could get the shine back I think that would make a lot of difference. Do you recomment that I just even take them to a dry cleaners? I have never heard of a dry cleaners removing marks from sh oes. I'd also be grateful for advice on how to even get rid of this mark completely I do not know what it is.


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How can I get the shine back on my satin shoes

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