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shouting adverts

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deemaitch | 15:17 Mon 03rd Jan 2011 | Adverts
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I will not,repeat not,buy from any company who's adverts are noisy,the main one being safestyle windows,and there are many more.
Does anyone else agree.


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Totally, I'd like to smack BARRY SCOTT in the mouth.
YES,THAT'S RIGHT.....YES, THAT'S RIGHT! (shouted in an adverty voice)
If you want to lump them in with dross like McDonalds Christmas campaign dross and any other couthy poetry I won't complain.
Oh, and that humming of "All Throught The Night" from Sainsburys keeps me going to Tesco.
Sorry, too much dross.

There are rules to govern the volume level of adverts to stop them making them louder than the normal programs, unfortunately ad makers now get round it by using compression or sound shaping to boost certain frequencies while keeping the overall volume within the limits set.

(agree about BARRY SCOTT too!)
I wouldn't buy from safestyle because they are a big con.
lol @ the humming for the sainsburys advert, I really do detest it more than the go compare advert, and thats saying something!
add cillit bang to the list
"add cillit bang to the list "

so who's the YOU BUY ON YOU GET ONE FREE idiot?
apparently he is known as "jeff brown"
Oh that Sainsbury advert could have spoilt my Christmas if not for the mute button on my remote.Dreadful choice.
it was made worse when it sponsered programmes on uk gold! there was no escape from the humming!

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shouting adverts

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