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Get the tissues out......

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jules77 | 20:11 Wed 21st Mar 2012 | Pets
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I had to share this, such a lovely ending........


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wow....i needed the tissues. how could someone just leave a defenceless dog like that? at least she's loved now. bless....x

Hamish, the dog in my avatar, went blind gradually from the age of 12. He was inoperable. I'm sure his blindness shortened his life, due to boredom. He loved to look out of the window at the birds before and he couldn't even do that at the end.

It's a pity we don't see more heart warming tales like this, instead of the usual stories of abuse.
Oh my, couldn't help the blubbing with that, what a poor little thing. People can be so flippin cruel. Better dry my eyes before my daughter comes on, if she see's this she'll be hysterical.
Bog roll for me
No words...just amazing to see her tail wagging.

Lisa x
What a beautiful story. Thank you so much for posting it, jules. (Even if we are all in tears now.) So glad Fiona found a loving new home.
How cute was that to see her little tail wagging when she got some vision back. me in tears too.
First I was crying tears of pain and pity for her dreadful plight, then tears of joy and happiness at her happy ending. Oh God, I curse the scum who did this to this pretty little dog. WHY????
Daren't even look. I get so upset by things, even if they have a happy ending. There are some dreadful people around and people have the audacity to say they act like 'animals'. Animals fortunately do not act like humans.
I promise, it will be worth watching LL to see her happy ending and wagging her little tail ....
Please watch it LL, it's just so lovely at the end.
Still daren't. :o(.
All I get is a black screen. How do I play it?
I only watched it because jules said it had a lovely ending. Thank heaven there are charities out there that do these amazing rescues.
It took a little whilte to load on mine LL. If you just leave it for a minute it should start.
It should just start playing, it did for me ....
It is still open and still has a black screen Evian. Should I be clicking on anything?
It's my bloomin' country bumpkin broadband that is the problem. I can't watch any videos at the moment. I found it on You Tube and have the same problem. The BB has been going on and off all morning. The joy of living in the sticks!!
Another wonderful rescue story, I do hope that you manage to see the video LL. Thanks jules for the chance.

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Get the tissues out......

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