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Missing Cat Update

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karenmac60 | 19:27 Mon 31st Dec 2012 | Pets
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I put the original post in Birdwatching by mistake, but to all who replied - my mum's wee cat has just turned up outside her house and is now happily tucking into a long awaited meal :-D


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It's great that the wee cat managed to find its new home all by itself. Obviously knows where it is wanted and loved.

I hope that they have a long and happy life together. :-)
That's good news karen, the poor wee thing must be starving!

Happy New Year to you xx
Aww that's great news :)
great news !! another little prayer been answered. another cat returned.thank you for the update.. xx
That's lovely Karen, wasn't expecting that, great news.
good to hear..lots of moggies going awol just now...
So glad to hear that, I have kept looking back at your previous post for any updates.
Karen - that's great news and I am so pleased for you both. Mine went missing the morning I got married (OH No 1) so cancelled the honeymoon. Brat was back the next day.
Cat belonging to friend in Germany was missing for 2 weeks, and caretaker found her well but thin in a nearby basement - family had gone on holiday and the cat was trapped in the cellar.
Independent little beggars.
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I'm going round to see her later today, so I'll see what kind of explanation she has for her disappearance ;-)
if only ?

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Missing Cat Update

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