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John Lewis Christmas Advert

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robotics | 13:45 Thu 18th Nov 2010 | Pets
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John Lewis Christmas Advert angers Dog Lovers nationwide

There seems to be so much unhappiness about the John Lewis advert that we have created a Facebook page called Stop the John Lewis Christmas Ad. If you're on Facebook please do visit that page and watch the advert; and if you feel moved, complain to John Lewis. This ad from a very well UK department shop is sending out a dreadful message about the conditions in which it's acceptable to keep a dog. A dog doesn't belong stuck outside in the snow in a damp, cold, doorless kennel - whether it has fairy lights on or not! A dog should be in the house with his people. Please help John Lewis get that message.

Dogs Trust's statement:
Dogs Trust, the UK’s largest dog welfare charity, was disappointed at the canine content of this year’s John Lewis Christmas TV advertisement. The Deerhound in the advertisement appears to be kept outside alone in an open kennel on an exposed snowy hill. While we appreciate that some dogs do prefer to live outdoors and the dog used in the advertisement is a trained actor, we were nonetheless disappointed at the depiction of a dog kept alone in inadequate outside accommodation in harsh weather conditions, as part of a ‘feel-good’ Christmas campaign. Dogs are pack animals and thrive on the company of people and other dogs. We would ask retailers to consider the welfare messages conveyed when using animals in their marketing activities.


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I am sorry but there are MANY people in the UK(mostly farmers) who keep their dogs outside in kennels(with doors or not),and would probably regard this dog as lucky that it has a kennel near the house.
At least this dog appears to be healthy and happy.
I am not saying that it is right,only that it does happen.
Some owners of working dogs regard their dogs as workers not as pets, and would not understand your idea that a dog should be in the house.
urbanites versus ruralites, I fear breaking out here......
I refer you to the answers you received when you posted this in th Adverts section........
And especially Zeuhl's comments - thanks for that reference Jack....

Guess robotics will next post this thread in Science or Sport......
Is this a genuine protest or is it someone from John Lewis trying to get us to watch the ad????

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John Lewis Christmas Advert

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