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Cat Pulling out Hair

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derekpara | 12:48 Sat 29th Jan 2011 | Pets
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My sixteen year old cat has started pulling out her hair in clumps. The vet has checked and there is no skin disease. We have recently had some upheaval with builders so I wonder if stress could be the cause. Any ideas/ suggestions ?




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It could be stress related,or possibly due to cement dust etc? How about using a plug in Feliway?
It certainly could be stress, but it could also be a sign of dementia, she is an old lady. It's a sort of obsession. Make sure her coat is really clean, brushing with tea tree oil might help. One of mine left home while the double glazing was being installed, it stressed him so much. Is she eating and weeing well? I'd ask your vet for a second look at her if I were you.
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Thank you both.

I have just fitted a Feliway in two of her favourite rooms.

Cement dust could be the problem but her coat seems clean and in good condition. However I will try Tea Tree oil - and she is eating and peeing quite well.

Thanks again.

Not sure about tea tree oil as its not meant for consumption and a cat which cleans or pulls out its fur may well ingest it. My cat was stressed when my ex and I separated, she reacted in exactly the same way. Feliway sorted her out within 48 hours.
I was told to put tea tree oil on Rover when he had irritated skin, it didn't seem to do him any harm.

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Cat Pulling out Hair

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