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Adopting a Hedgehog

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smurfchops | 12:05 Wed 12th Sep 2012 | Animals & Nature
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We used to have hedgehogs in our garden, sadly they have disappeared. Is it possible to adopt one? and if so, are they left to their own devices i.e. finding food, hibernating etc and how would we go about getting one? We have a large leafy garden with compost heaps at the back. #Do they have any predators? Thanks all x


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Predators? Don't know about that but the might pick on my dogs and cats - they'd be terrified of the little hegehog's prickly 'bits'!

Good luck getting one.
My Mums dog was found with a hedgehog in it's mouth a few times (always alive). Dogs can be really dumb sometimes.
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Zacs it looks like you pay Tiggywinkle but they keep the hedgehog !
This could be helpful for you:
Badgers predate hedgehogs and the increase in badger numbers has seen a decrease in hedgehogs. I'd love to have a few hedgehogs to gobble up the slugs in my garden but as I live in rural wales and have a badger run through my garden I can forget it!
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Not looking for a pet, or a small hedgehog, just a couple of wild ones for the garden! No badgers here, just a fox and a mad cat.

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Adopting a Hedgehog

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