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Bird Strikes help required to prevent them!

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Bravehearted | 20:24 Wed 19th Sep 2012 | Animals & Nature
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Does anyone know where I can procure black silhouettes transfers of hawks, that I will adhere to my windows to deter small birds from flying into them. You see them on certain buildings in Europe. I got a set a year ago from an RSPB shop but they are too small. The one I've seen in Europe were black and no less than six to eight inches long. Many thanks...


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If your windows allow birds to see through the house maybe they are taking a short cut. If so you could draw the opposite curtain a bit. Otherwise, it shouldn't need much skill to make one or two silhouettes. Some neighbours put plastic bags up when the house martins are busy at nesting time.
If you can't get any, scan the small ones you have and enlarge them on your computer or print them out using the printer's 'fill the page' option for an A4 paper. you can either cut them out or use the whole paper and even laminate it.
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Thanks for your input guys ...will investigate!
Get some old DVD/CD's and stick them to a length of string, about 6ft long and hang them in front of your window so they can swing in the wind works ok for us, we haven't had a window bird strike for ages.

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Bird Strikes help required to prevent them!

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