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Wild Mushrooms (cartoon type: red&white)

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goodison1234 | 01:53 Tue 20th Sep 2005 | Animals & Nature
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Sorry i'm not sure on the proper names of these mushrooms, however, the type I am refering to are the ones commonly seen on cartoons (red top, white rasied bumps).  I would be interested to know whether these grow in the wild in England, ideally in the North West (Merseyside area specifically). 

I am a keen photographer and I had word that this is ideal time for fungi / mushrooms to grow in the wild.  I am currently working on an autumn/winter project and would love to find a location where these mushrooms grow in the wild (preferably a few in one location so I can hand pick a couple of 'perfect' ones).

If anyone can help me find these red and white mushrooms let me know!

Thanks, Alex.



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The mushroom you are talking about is called Fly Agaric (Amanita Muscaria) and is quite poisonous. Birch forest is about the best place to find it but it grows in pine, spruce and fir forested areas. They grow in the autumn normally after a cold snap with wet weather followed by a dry spell. 
Make sure you dont eat those caps after you have dried them out..............If you know what I mean, Wink Wink  

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Wild Mushrooms (cartoon type: red&white)

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