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skyplus | 10:52 Tue 23rd Feb 2021 | Animals & Nature
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My new pups are fifteen days old. When should I start weaning them, and what type of food?

Would appreciate any advice, as its my first time. Thank you very much


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talk to your vet. I am shocked that you waitied until now to ask this question.
skyplus is this the schnauzer? How many dogs have you got?
Question Author
yes it is the schnauzer
If this is the schnauzer haven't you got a newborn litter of poodles on your hands as well at the moment?
This might help

. . . and please, please, please can we have a picture of the puppies? (Upload your photo to here: . Place your cursor in the box below the thumbnail and click on 'Copy'. Create a new thread here on AB, right-click in the text area and select 'Paste', preferably giving the link a line to itself).
Question Author
No Prudie, I only have 5 schnauzer pups
When people offered advice before you ignored it. However weaning should be between 3 - 4 weeks but if the mum has plenty of milk and the pups are growing well there is no need to rush it, and once you start supplementing the food and then feeding them she will stop clearing up after them so I like to let them feed as long as the mum will allow but offer them food as well. I start my pups off on human quality raw beef mince. Also something like weetabix soaked in goats milk (cows milk is too rich and will give them the runs).
You can also feed them soaked kibble if that is what mum is on and gradually feed it drier as they get older. Make sure she can get away from them if she wants to, by being able to jump out of the puppy pen or else they will make her sore. Also make sure you are trimming their nails to stop them scratching her. Have you wormed them yet? They need doing at 2, 4 and 8 weeks.
This post concerns me on so many levels. Why on earth would anyone allow their female dog to breed when they have not a clue about the process? OP have you actually got a vet? Are you breeding pups to sell them? I would suggest you get some guidance straight away from Blue Cross (avoid the RSPCA) before you have dead pups on your hands. I have to say I'm shocked and upset this sort of question needs to be asked.
I tend to agree APG, were it a new user I'd assume it was just a wind-up but as it's not why not explain why it's clear in black and white that you needed help with a poodle about to whelp about a month ago but no this is about a schnauzer. What exactly is going on?
for once APG and I agree....I said similar further up the thread
It always worries me when I see this type of thing, I'd hope against hope that there's no constant 'standing ' of the female dog for it to have a litter to sell ?
Sounds to me Bobbi like someone with no knowledge of breeding dogs may be jumping on the bandwagon trying to make a few quid out of lock down puppies. Shameful if it's true, but am prepared to apologise if the OP come back to explain the poodle/schnauzer confusion and why the female got pregnant in the first place (I know accidents can happen)
Yes, I agree APG , hopefully slyplus will let us know
I've been assuming the OP made a mistake when they first posted about a poodle. Doesn't know the difference? No real experience? An accident?
There's been no mention of speaking to a vet, which I find very worrying.
^ Bobbi!! haha
I saw that too...heehee
Ooops!! Pmsl@prudie

Of course I meant Skyplus :0/

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