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Chicken Coop Blues

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GormetSkinTag | 21:03 Fri 23rd Apr 2021 | Animals & Nature
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Hello we have 5 ornamental chickens. 2 fluffy ones black and white , 2 Poland birds oth white heads and 1 black 1 brown. Also we have 1 brown miniature hen like a bantam.

We bought then all at the same time yet the brown miniature hen , KFC, started to peck the poland hens all the time they are petrified of her. Because of the shape of their head I have read this is dangerous because part of the skull is exposed. Also when roosting time they all snuggle up and there is a lot of pecking. I put the 2 poland chickens high up and it seams the 2 oversized fluff balls bully the brown bantam.

So it looks like the brown bantam gets bullied then starts bullying the other 2 poland chickens. The 2 giant fluff balls don't bother the 2 poland chickens.

Anyway today I got a long stick and water pistol and every time KFC pecked the 2 poland ones I squirted or hit her.

The 2 poland chickens are like a puppy they always come running up to me and the others aren't scared of me. But the brown bantam is now really scared of me. I cornered her today and after a lot of struggling I held her down and tried to stroke her but there was no stopping struggling.

I will spend 1 more day with the stick and water pistol to make sure the bullying of the 2 poland ones has stopped. But then how do I start beguiling a relationship with the brown bantam? I guess she will now always be scared of me?


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Question Author
Puppies bite because they Don k ow the limits. So normally you give them a tap on the nose until the stop. In comparison that is littwrqlly all I am doing here yet what I do with the stick is even less painful 10000%. I am not quick enough to use my hand. Anyway she is still attacking the 2 smaller ones so it's either prison or the chicken glasses. I made a spare coop this morning and I have plenty of wire mesh so I will separate her for a week. She will be right next to the others just separated by wire. Or I could permanently separate 2 of them together maybe that's the best option. It's not easy being the guardian of chickens I tell you. The 2 small poland ones are litterally like puppies though they run up to me and purr when I stroke them. But where there is good there is evil that is nature I guess.
You NEVER tap/hit a dog on the nose!!

You shouldn't have animals, you're clueless.
Pasta's link looks good.
Pastas link is good but will do the OP no good at all as he has been given good advice on here and chose instead to to insult people. Personally I find it hard to believe a real Vegan (or any animal lover for that matter) would hit or poke an animal with a stick, and certainly would not put one in a cage. I am convinced now this is a silly wind-up so will leave it there.
Question Author
Shirley I thought it was decent also look its where I got the idea from:;source=web&rct=j&url=

Ummm did that to 3 puppies now grew up to be fantastic dogs not damaged or anything. Strange how people cry out how all the injustice happens about a tap that wouldn't even kill a fly. I am guessing I am talking to another mean eater here right?

You should have seen how my dad treated dogs. Now he was cruel I have seen evil people. It's why I don't hurt anything and I don't eat meat. I certainly don't have the audacity and hypocrisy to go around condemning things far less devastating than the practice I fund measly for a simple taste.

Question Author
Aunt please tell me who I insulted? You see if you point it out I will say sorry. I dont think I have as you won't be able to provide evidence. I have insulted people on here the same way I have been beating a chicken lol.
Can you post a picture of your hens and their run so we can give you some ideas
Being a meat eater doesn't mean we treat our animals cruelly. You don't eat meat or the bi-products so these are you pets.
Question Author
Calm sure how though?
// Aunt please tell me who I insulted?//

You insulted meat eaters.You also presume that anyone disagreeing with your 'methods' are evil meat-eaters who condone cruelty in the meat production industry.

You have no idea if I eat meat or not, so don't presume you know.

You've been asked numerous times now - what do you do with the eggs?

If you want to start a Vegan Thread then just do it.........

Those spectactles may look odd and cruel but they are commonly used in the game bird industry and in free range poultry farms.
They help prevent canabilism, bullying and pecking, and Defra concluded that the pinless ones can be advantageous to the birds - the ones that use pins are illegal in the UK.
At the end of a survey Defra noted that neither the birds' weight nor egg laying were affected and they birds exhibited all other normal behaviours whilst wearing them.
Just a thought post says "ornamental". Could this whole thing be a wind up and the hens are garden ornaments!
Question Author
We havent had eggs yet we are going to leave them for the chickens to eat.
Question Author
Honestly it makes me so angry when I see her attack the babies. It's hard to control. How do I post pictures on here there is no attachment link
I would strongly suggest no-one posts how to put a photo up on here -we may get more than we bargained for.
Ornamental is to chickens what fancy is to pigeons. Apologies for poor grammar
Question Author
Barry very true they still poop everywhere but these 2 poland ones are the coolest pets ever. Shame about that brown bantam. Gees it winds me up. Its so scared of the other 2 yet goes and attacks the small ones viciously. This behavioural trait in humans is like a mini hitler type scenario. I know none of it is premeditated and all on the spur of the moment but it's an evil I truly dispise. I think I'm going to rename her satan. The thing is I have been watching them like 70% of the time during the day as I do my work on my laptop in the garden but not only does she bully the other 2 she is the direct cause of the 2 giant fluff balls picking on her as she went straight into them pecking. Now she runs awaY from them. So it is a form of evil and cowardice and I have to be like a god and somehow bring myself to treat her fairly and with love. It's really quite hard I never ever though chickens would ever be so hard work. Well not hard work a headache. I will persevere and I will get these chucks levelled up to the max.

I have finished building the prison. The coop is 6foot by 4 foot by 3 foot and the run is around 7m Square. Im going to put her in there tonight. Leave her for 1 day and put her back see if it helps. If this fails I will split them up into a 2 and 3. That way the satan can't attack Loki or Doge.

It's not very easy to remove her I wouldn't know where to start. Anyway 2 together as a lot resort isn't so bad. Maybe they will develop some kind of I termite relation ship because she will be with the black giant fluff ball. Satan with a pure black chicken is perfect.

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Chicken Coop Blues

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