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How Come People Think Cats Are Good Pets?

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Dinkus69 | 11:18 Mon 27th Sep 2021 | Animals & Nature
24 Answers
They are aggressive and scratch on your door, break your stuff and are disturbing you when you try to take a crap.


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Not all cats are alike. Close the bathroom door?
I feel that way about dogs.

So there.
They also stalk around gardens and streets, defecate in flower beds and half bury it with their paws, and then come in and walk on your worktop before sitting there to lick themselves in inappropriate ways.
One of my 7 will scratch if she is disturbed. Cats let you know what they will not tolerate. Learn this and all will be well
My cat is not aggressive, meows at the door (no scratching). To date nothing been broken and although she follows me about she has never sat in the bathroom whilst I am busy - just waits in the hallway.
Have you considered a laxative to help with your problem?

Maybe even keep guinea pigs instead, they make a handy emergency wipe and aren't as dangerous dangly-bits wise.
Cats are individuals like their owners.

Get to know your cat, rather than assuming that they are all exactly the same.
They are not all like that. I could come up with several reasons why dogs are not good pets.......but we like what we like no matter what. I loved my cats unconditionally.
How old is your cat?
The great thing about cats is that, unlike having dogs, you don't have to do any thinking. Cats do all the thinking for you and take total control. The trick to getting along with a cat is simply to let them be the boss - as they will anyway!

As to "disturbing you when you try to take a crap", I can think of nothing more endearing than when this happens ;-)
Buen - that has really made me laugh - brilliant
Haaa, I love my cats, but am naturally a dog person. I don't find them aggressive at all... I think dogs are more likely to follow you to the toilet etc. When I went "under" in the bath, my cocker jumped in and started licking my face. My cats would probably just have sniggered while I drowned:-)
And then moved in next door...
As far as aggression goes cats might give you the odd scratching but they rarely savage your children to death.
At least when a cat has the runs, it's deposited in a litter tray. Not all over the carpet like dogs do.
If your cats scratch things or knock things over, it's probably because there are no toys to distract them, or no positive interaction with their human.
What you describe actually sounds like a lot of toddlers...we don't question and ask why some think they make great children...;)
Spot on Pasta - well said
I never claimed my toddlers made "great children" :-)
Anyway, there's no real point trying to compare- they are so different, for so many reasons.
Well...a lot of toddlers are awful little monsters. We still give them a chance though ;)
Cats can be read give them affection and they will give it back if they are naughty they are usually being playful

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How Come People Think Cats Are Good Pets?

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