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When A Big House Spider Is Somewhere In Your Bedroom

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Raidergal2022 | 17:56 Wed 23rd Aug 2023 | Animals & Nature
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You see a big house spider on your bedside table at night, you try to catch it but fail and lose it meaning that it is now somewhere in your bedroom roaming around all night.

Does it bother you? What do you do?


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Keep ya mouth shut?
There was an old lady who swallowed a spider...
Seriously, it would do you no harm
Saw one on the ceiling when I was lying in bed - yuk!
Fell asleep hoping it didn't fall on me - forgot about it till I read your post! Now ... where is it ?
They're not daft. They don't want to descend on a thread and head for the nearest pink-rimmed hot-air blower. They want to wait somewhere peaceful for a fly to get stuck in their web.
Mrs A can't stand the thought of one in the bedroom, or even a fly; if we just leave them to it, they'll sort themselves out.
Ignore it
I hate spiders, but I endeavour to leave them alone.

I read that the story that every adult swallows six spiders in their sleep in their life is a myth put on the Internet to see how quickly it would return to its originator.

As advised, spiders would not go near a damp orrifice blasting out hot damp air, so I am happy to assume they have other things to do than explore me or my bed.
Years ago BIL was camping with friends. It rained heavily. The slept in a barn. He woke to see a large harvest spider on the face of one of his mates, who had his mouth wide open. He watched in amusement as the spider went into his friends mouth, who still asleep started chewing it. True story.
Don't believe every myth you read. Spiders do indeed venture where no one expects them to venture ...into open mouths for example.
To answer the question, I wouldn't rest until it was found - my husband being the hunter. I would remove myself from the room pronto!
Not at all, I've a few spiders living in the front room of my house, excellent pest control.
I'm leaving the room & sleeping on the sofa, hoping it finds a dark corner & never bothers me again. Horrible things, I hate them.
Spiders do so much that is good for us so just leave them alone.
Read this if you don't believe me.

//Spiders eat other insects such as flies, moths, and earwigs. You might not see it, but spiders actually do more good rather than harm, so having them in the corner of your living room might not be that bad. By eating other insects, spiders keep the population in check - this can also help with the spread of diseases.\\
A spider has built a web on a bookcase in a spare bedroom.
I don't know what it's living on, there are no flies in the house.
Bookworms perhaps
That's because it's eaten them all Sandy;-)
lb ^^^ - I know & get all that! They can have parties for all I care, just don't scare the bejesus out of me while going to & from the rave!

As I am currently suffering from mosquito bites LiK I'll swap you a mozzie for your spider.

BTW I love your avatar, so relaxed.
I know all that too, LB, but none of it matters. I simply cannot bear them. The stupid thing is I’ll get something that can hurt me - a big wasp for example - and put it out but I just can’t go near a spider that’s anything bigger than a largish pinprick. Totally irrational - and I know it. If I’m alone in the house I use the long pipe to suck them up the hoover. They have to go. Very frustrating really because I don’t want to be like it.
I'm not *too*bothered. A few years ago I was tidying the bed one morning and saw a spider scurrying away. I think it had bit me as a week or so previously I'd found 2 itchy spots on my arm.
Then there was the time there was one in the sleeve of my jumper as I put it on.

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When A Big House Spider Is Somewhere In Your Bedroom

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