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Where were those morons when that sheep was stranded and alone for two years?!   Not organising her rescue that's for sure.  People like them make me sick.  All wind and no do! 
09:46 Mon 06th Nov 2023

Amazing rescue after all that time! She looks as though she needs a visit to the sheep shearer!

Question Author

She, Fiona is what she's been named, will get it at the wonderful new home she's going to.  I'm amazed she's survived long enough to be rescued with this weather.  

Oh bless those rescuers! What brilliant news.

I hope we get pictures of Fiona after a glow-up...all clean and clipped.

Oh Wow!  So pleased.  Last I heard of this they were saying it would be too  dangerous  to rescue her and she would be antisocial anyway - so best leave her there really.  I felt so sad.

Really chuffed to have some good  news.  😀

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Apparently she was all calm and cool during the rescue bless her.  I hope she enjoys the company of the other "sheeps" as Jeremy Clarkson would say;-)

Poor Fiona looks shattered, great rescue .

A great result 🐑

She will be glad when she gets a haircut.  I suppose they'll leave some on to keep her warm this winter.


That has made my day!

Well done the rescuers. She will be glad to get rid of that coat.

How lovely.  Thanks for posting Ladybirder  x

There are some really lovely people in this world.  

As a follow up to my original post on that poor little animal. I just posted this good news, LB, and then spotted yours.  I've removed my duplicate.  I'm so pleased.  Good on those farmers.  A bath and a haircut for that little girl I think.  

The beautiful side of mankind.. 

I hope she does well in her new home, after a hair cut! 


A handful of burly lads putting the SSPCA to shame.

There at the end, of course, to bask in reflected glory.

Fiona has been rehomed and had her fleece shorn. However there is a row going on between animal activists and the farmers. She is at a secret location. 

Sorry I can't do links so perhaps someone else will post one.

^^^^^thanks Toorak

Question Author

I was just about to place this here with a link.  Here goes.  Poor Fiona, not sorted yet it seems.

Plus thank you for your comments CL and Naomi.


What's wrong with these people?! She will be well cared for and she couldn't care less if people make a "spectacle" of her or not.

I am all for animal welfare. In fact, I prefer animals to humans, but this is OTT and a stupid excuse to make trouble.

This is what they do when they're not walking in front of traffic or on the Palestinian "protest" marches.

I agree Gill.  I prefer animals to humans too generally.  The humans I do like seem to all be animal lovers!

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