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What Are Some Of The Ways That People Have Protected Squirrels In Conservation Efforts?

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derras | 00:24 Fri 24th Nov 2023 | Animals & Nature
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What are some of the ways that people have protected squirrels in conservation efforts?



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I'm not sure which country you're in, Derras, as here in the UK (where this website is based), grey squirrels and red squirrels are viewed very differently by those in charge of making policies about them.

Red squirrels are a native species and have been given  protection from disturbance by our country's lawmakers under Schedules 5 and 6 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.  Further, the Woodland Trust and Trees fo Life (which are both conservation charities) have partnered to reintroduce red squirrels in some parts of the country:


Grey squirrels are an invasive species though and their presence has resulted the near extinction of red squirrel populations in most of the country.  They have no legal protection and if, say, an injured grey squirrel is helped back to health by humans, it's a criminal offence to release it back into the wild.

Grey s

Protected their nuts?

Well, I've decided to trap them sustainably. Squirrel stew no more than twice  week these days.

Island isolation is one,   eradicate greys on an island and reintroduce reds however with a small starting population genetic drift and inbreeding may make those populations unsustainable long term.

I do hope so Rowan.

We have a plague of squirrels, rabbits and wood pigeons, all of which are a menace when they invade urban environments. I would gladly buy meat  produced from these animals but they are not widely available on the average high street  or supermarket.

Ladybirder... I think you misread .... I meant the  reintroduction would fail due to inbreeding.

I saw a red squirrel once, at The Old Station Cafe in Tintern. It clambered up onto one of the picnic tables. This was about 8 years ago. I didn't have time to take a picture because as soon as I moved, it legged it into the trees. I told the staff about it and they said I must be mistaken as red squirrels weren't known in that area, but I know what I saw folks. Twas a red squirrel. Being a golfer, I saw many grey squirrels in my time, so there was no chance of me mistaking a grey for a red. 

Possibly not a true red but a ginger grey.

Now that's gotta be a rarity, doug! 😊

I am pleased that the red squirrel population is increasing in some parts of the UK due to conservation efforts.  The re-introduction of pine marten has been partially successful in boosting red squirrel population by curbing the grey but only in rural areas - pine martens do not thrive in urban areas where the grey squirrel dominates.

Not only is my garden blighted by grey squirrel and the invasive collared dove, blasted parakeets are now calling my garden home.  

Have to watch your footing in my local park, too - it is covered in goose poo.  If you've never had the misfortune of stepping in it, you have no idea how horrible it is.

When my children were little they took great delight in seeing the red squirrels in the local parks especially if a brave one was tempted to take a nut from their hand.  All gone, sadly.  

When I was 11, I was badly bitten on the shoulder by a goose! Frightened the life out of me. Also, been chased many a time by Canada Geese on the golf course. And their droppings can ruin the greens! They can be vicious gits!

Easiest place to see Reds is Freshfields nature reserve near Formby take your binoculars as they also get crossbills and lots of other small birds. Feeders are topped up between 0930 and 11.00 ish so go early for the best views.

Near Freshfields station is a brilliant chippy... Dave insisted we stop for lunch there every time we went



I loathe Canada geese, 10C, shame they don't make good eating.

They honk all night long, non-stop it seems

Sorry Rowan, I did.

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What Are Some Of The Ways That People Have Protected Squirrels In Conservation Efforts?

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