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Cat Scratching Carpet

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chessington | 14:23 Sat 02nd Mar 2024 | Animals & Nature
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I have read somewhere to stop a cat scratching the carpet to use white vinegar, lemon and water in a spray bottle and to spray the area the cat scratches, I have a 500 m bottle, how many parts of each do I put in it? TIA



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I'm not sure but I use that mixture as a cleaner and the smell is potent and you will need to check if it strips colour 

Why not get a scratching post? 

I have two 10 month old kittens and have the same problem despite having scratching posts in every room they are pulling up the carpet and have ruined the leather dining chairs. I've tried proprietary sprays with no success so would be interested in trying something that might work but not vinegar, l couldn't stand my house smelling like a chip shop 😂

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thanks for replies, he does have a scratch post and wont use, im not keen on house smelling but do not know what to do?


Does he have a favourite spot? I bought from Amazon double sided sticky strips it did the job and he stopped after a couple of goes 

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oh wow, I will try that double sided sticky tape thanks

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Cat Scratching Carpet

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