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puppy drinking water

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happy_face | 11:16 Tue 07th Mar 2006 | Animals & Nature
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Yesterday we bought a 5month old staff puppy and she's lovely. But she's got this thing about water that she will finish what's in the bowl to the extend of being sick afterwards as her tummy can't hold it. We're toilet training her so don't have water out all the time until she's completely trained so I now give her water several times a day and only about a quarter of a bowl. But as I have never experienced a dog/puppy drinking to that extend I just wondered if it's a puppy thing, like they don't know when to say stop.

Does anyone have any experience of this?



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Hi try putting the water bowl on a little box or something that makes the bowl higher so that the puppy is drinking at the right height, this may help.I have alwas left my dogs water bowl down all the time,maybe she thinks it is like her feed time three or four times a day. Dogs toilet train very quickly so dont worry.
Hi, appearently some dogs will treat a dish of water as though it's a bowl of food, especially if they have come from a big pack and have had to fight for food. Basically they panic and guzzle the whole lot even though they don't need it, they are just being greedy. I read this in a book about Labradors, I have one and it's what she used to do and still would if I let her. Now I just put less water down for her, otherwise she will drink it all, hope that helps.
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Why?? you don't know how much this has indeed helped me. I have been worried out of my mind today thinking that she might be diabetic as one of the tell tale signs are constant thirst. Am obviously going to get her checked over anyway when I'm taking her to the vet next week to get registered but you've put my mind at rest. it makes sense for her to behave like that as she was out of a litter of six and probably had to fight for her food and water.
You are correct is saying not to leave water out ALL the time, just give it too them if they drink alot remember the pup will need to go, if they drink alot at one time they may need to go potty several times, just like if you drank a 16 oz. glass of water you'd have to pee maybe 15 min later then maybe 30 min, later and again 1 hour later. Potty training is easier if you know when everything is going IN you'll know when it is coming OUT. Get her checked by a vet, I was concerned of my pup having diabetes also, the vet told me that if she was she would not look so healthy and with vim and vigor, so he ruled it out just by looking at her, but she did need a urinalysis, and they discovered crystals forming in her urine that made her pee more and prone to UTI's (Infection), so I have to make sure she has lots of water to flush her system, so to speak. Allot of dogs don't know when to stop eating or drinking, they do it till they regurgitate, just regulate like your doing, and discuss it with your vet. Good luck...~/:\~
do not let your pup drink to much water all at once he could end up with colic put small amounts in its bowl
I would think its more likely the pup had not had free access to water and is drinking it all in case it is taken away again. I would never leave a dog without access to water. I would tend to leave a lot down and she will learn that it is there all the time.
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Thanks for all your answers. Just wanted to let you know that we took her to the vet last night to get registered and to gether checked out and the vet suggested to measure how much water she has. So give her a bowl and when she's finished it giver her another and again and again. Then note it down and when we're going to the vets next week it gives them an idea of how much she really is drinking. The vet also gave me a cup to do a urine sample so she can get tested for diabetes so I'm really hapy about that. Once again many thanks for all your help

Hi - dogs do need constant access to water as they can become rapidly dehydrated , but maybe, as you say, she doesn;t know when to stop! - keep putting small amounts out as soon as she has finished one lot and see what happens - better to have lots of small amounts than one big bowl full - another reason for dogs drinking excess water is if there is a problem with kidneys, so it might be worth a trip to the vet especially as she is so young - don;t want to make you panic - though! - Is your central heating up high - dogs don;t have sweat glands like we do, they sweat throught their tongues - hence the panting in hot weather - hope this helps and that you get her sorted out soon

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puppy drinking water

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