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Corpse flower

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smouse | 22:27 Tue 15th Feb 2005 | Animals & Nature
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What is the claim to fame of the foul smelling 'corspe flower' of Sumatra - quiz question


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Not sure which claim to fame you are looking for but...
The Titum Arum is one of the world's largest and strongest smelling flowers, which can have a diameter of four feet, and grow up to 6 feet in height.
It only blooms two or three times during its lifespan of nearly 40yrs.
The smell is of rotting flesh, from sulphorous chemicals, cadaverene and putrescine, some of the smelliest odours known. The rotting flesh smell attracts carnivorous insects which help pollinate the flower.
Understandably, every time they flower they attract thousands of visitors from around the world.

Hi Smouse. We had one bloom in the Sydney botanical gardens last year which caused quite a fuss. Here is an article from the Sydney Morning Herald about it.

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There's a nice picture. Is the claim to fame that it is phallic shaped?


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Corpse flower

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