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vivandorron | 19:14 Tue 10th Apr 2012 | Site Suggestions
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It remains as my opinion that 'Best Answer' is an unnecessary facility within AB.

A strange attitude you may feel from someone who already has been awarded such an honour on a number of occasions.

I am not prepared to use the 'button' and am not seeking to be nominated as being in any way superior to other ABers.

All serious answers are worthy of applause and often there are more than one which warrant's commendation in a single thread. Consequently, I prefer to thank posters , both individually and/or collectively, as is appropriate to their responses, to any of my questions.



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I was wondering, Mrs O, whether you would come over and tickle my humerus....

Tinks has just used the "Best Answer" button well......nice use.
DT, let me take a few minutes to think about your suggestion.


Kiki, if I didn't have a mouth full of Werthers, I'd give you a piece of my mind
Mrs O, I'd give you a piece of mine. If only I could find where I'd put it.
I expect everyone is now checking google to see where their humerus is!
Question Author
Just my reaction at this stage to a few respondents.

I stay away from CB because things often get out-of hand, and, because I don't like 'Best Answer', I never click it.

Ron, so would you be offended if someone marked one of your replies as Best Answer?
Question Author
P.s....My humerus is sometimes in the columns of AB.!!.:-)

I always smile when I see people who mark their own answer as best answer, I think it gives a good insight into what sort of person they are.
Yes i have. LOL

Question Author
Short answer mrs overall....I don't press the button for others and don't expect others to press it for me.

Question Author
It does seem to be that most folk are in favour of 'Best Answer' so, although I am seriously against it, I shall refrain from saying anything further at this stage.

In the meanwhile, I thank all of you who have contributed to this thread.

I often forget it's there but am always worryingly chuffed with myself when I acheive one.... I think it's only happened the once though via craft so I don't have much experience to write from :c)
I wish they'd change the exact wording of the link you have to click to something like "select as best answer"... It might stop people calling everyone Mark.
I like it and I use it.

I like it too sometimes an answer is so clever or informative it deserves acknowledgement

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