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FAQ Section?

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IndieSinger | 20:48 Thu 02nd Jun 2005 | Site Suggestions
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Hows abouts a FAQ section for the n00bs? Their welcome e-mail could point them in the direction of it. It would be good for the rest of us, actually, as well. It could have things like, "Why are some usernames snot-coloured?", "Why is there no XXX category?", "Why can I sometimes not see the 'Report' buttons?" and "Is the AB Editor male, female or neuter?"

When I said "Why is there no XXX category?", I meant replace the XXX with whatever whim is in fashion at the moment, not "Why is there no hardcore pornographic section?"

*Gets idea for another suggestion*

... Anyway, it would also be easier for people to be able to accurately inform new users why something is so without taking the time to explain it. (You could just write, "Hello new member. Please check the FAQs for an answer to your question." Which, admittedly, may be longer than actually giving the answer.

In any case, you could also ('cause that's not nearly enough work for the AB technical boy - I mean team) tie in an "About This Site" section (what the first question was, who owns it etc.)



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  • Why can't we have an AB Dictionary/Thesaurus?

Mind you, if we had that, QM would be out of a job - so p'raps not! :o}

eep, there's a homepage that tells me these things? now i feel foolish. *cringe*

anyways, this just demonstrates the handiness of an FAQ.  thank you for answering me guys!  i'm now gonna go find that home page so i don't make another faux pas.

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