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fiction-factory | 11:38 Sat 21st Nov 2015 | Site Suggestions
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We are still getting a lot of 'questions' where the 'enter further question details here...' box hasn't been filled in. It seems to happen mainly in Crosswords. Some examples here:

In some cases it's because the poster has tried to put a lot of info in the Title box (and not all of it may appear when it's submitted) and then is not sure what the other box is for.

In other cases the title box contains one word which means nothing on its own (maybe one word from a crossword clue) and for some reason the poster doesn't /can't fill in the question box.

To overcome this, is it possible, Ed, to do the following:
1) limit the title box to say 30 characters so posters know that it's only intended for giving a short title
2) Make it compulsory for posters to put something in the Question Details box. The submit button should stay greyed out until something has been typed in the box. (This is what happens already with replies and I thought it used to happen with questions too until a month or so ago).

Would that work/help?



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11:56 Sat 21st Nov 2015

I did it...
Question Author
Yes, but I think you cheated and typed a blank or something like that
I just pressed enter a couple of times and the grayed out submit button turned black.
Question Author
Yes, it's known that you can give a blank answer by typing blanks but my point is about submitting Questions when it's now possible to submit a new question without typing a space or anything in the Qestion Box

&th question from this poster, other 6 have been ok

7th Question ^^^ .................FGS!!!!
Question Author
The two today from janeb have been blank, Baldric- the ones that were posted correctly were from years ago. I think it's a very recent issue.
Not necessarily, it's more Victorian having to change to fit in. It's a mental health issue. Nobody can ever identify that they are in the wrong body. It's impossible to know that. It seems to come down to superficial things- preferring female company, girls toys, clothes, etc. It would be better for people just to be accepted and not feel they have to change over to fit in.

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