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Ba Of Ba (Being Advised Of Best Answer)

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HansUrbancka | 18:12 Sat 24th Feb 2018 | Site Suggestions
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I feel sure it would be a simple matter for Answerbank to inform recipients of 'Best Answer' that they have been awarded such.

Today I was awarded a BA but could have been unaware that such was the case in the following thread ;-

It is my opinion that Clicking of 'Best Answer' should be regarded as a response to the original posting and all ABers who are 'Threaded ' should be sent the normal feed back e/mail.

As a point of interest, recently,I was awarded a BA in the following thread but only today have become aware of it ;-



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Hans all you have to do is look at your profile, it doesn't need further announcement does it? I check my profile most days to see what's been added to threads I've posted on.
Check your profile.
You can see how many BAs you have in your profile. And there’s a tab showing you what thread it / they were. You can also subscribe and be emailed of any answers.
If I was keen on knowing I had a BA, I'd also check my profile daily.
Question Author
Zacs.....Clicking 'Best Answer' does Not produce an automatic email even if one is 'subscribed'.

Best answer can be changed, so should an even better answer than yours come along, OP can award that instead. In the greater scheme of things its probably not worth any more attention, just a nicety.
I think Zacs means subscribe to threads you answer then next day check your subscribed threads to see if any BAs have been awarded.

Though as it seems to concern you perhaps contact the Ed re your idea.

I don't know how many I have until someone else tells me as a rule.
Question Author
Mamyalynne.....I wish you would stay out of my threads because you always appear to be trying to teach your grandmother how to suck eggs.

Certainly Hans, I have forwarded this to the Ed, I'm sure she will address your ideas and your last less than conciliatory reply to me.
Question Author
Thanks Mamyalynne. Lets await and see whose side the Ed is on.

The side of politeness one would hope, enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Was that necessary Hans?
A bit rude and uncalled for towards Mamya - one of the nicest people on this site imo!
Hans, I am really surprised by your uncharacteristic rudeness.

If you want to know whether you have a BA, just look more frequently at your profile. It's all there.
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Yes it does spath there is a tab you hit and it brings up all the threads that BA has been awarded to.
Spathy - if you click on the best answers tab it lists the posts that BA was given for
-- answer removed --
...what it doesn't tell, you under that tab. is which of your previously awarded BAs have been rescinded. :-(

Hans- would you also want to be notified if someone changes their mind and takes away a best answer from you and gives it to someone else? I don't think of best answers as some sort of certificate to be proud of- I see the feature as being something of use to others who have a similar query, leading them to check the thread, and they can focus first on the Best Answer if they wish so as to save them reading all the others answers.
The Best Answers tab on your profile will tell you all your current best answers, and if you want to make sure you have a record of them before anyone changes their mind you could check them regularly during the day and print off any best answers for your records.
Just checked mine, 453. It's taken me six years to get there!

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Ba Of Ba (Being Advised Of Best Answer)

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