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Fighting Earth's Poor Health

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gl556tr | 09:40 Sat 01st Feb 2020 | Site Suggestions
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In the light of environmental pollution and the urgent need to counter the causes, as well as understanding the science of issues involved, the categories listed require modification. Me thinks.
"Motoring" is too one-sided; nothing embracing national and regional train networks, which will play a pivotal role in reducing the scourge of private vehicle-ownership causing particulate and gas pollution, such as "Trains" or "national transport" with "Trains" and "Motoring" sub-categories. Agreed, the state of UK's trains and network remain Victorian, which must be changed.
A golden opportunity, too, to bring environment and the pollutant-mitigation into the fold.
Technical probably. But it would help raise awareness and engender a wider discussion currently limited to the techno-scientific community. (The tens of thousands kg carbon footprint on a brand-new eCar, for instance!)
Perhaps one could change "Travel" to "Holidays", thereby avoiding the Environment/Transport categories above.
Splendid idea to see the Union Jack flying!


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I rather wish you'd rephrase that. Is it a demand for controlling goverments to force remove private transport from citizens ? If so, such an oppressive activity won't sit well with the public in free democratic societies. Trust science and tech to produce solutions to issues. It's the rational path to take.
Question Author
Granted, the title "Fighting Earth's Poor Health" is misleading when viewed out of context.

My aim is to suggest modifications to Categories in order to provide a platform for the environmental problems dished up daily in the media which have to be urgently addressed.

Hence, this entry under "Home > Editor's Blog > Site Suggestions > xxx".

I’m constantly amazed at the amount of colleagues who live within 2 miles of the hospital where we work yet still drive here.
If you want to reduce motoring and short, wasted journeys you’ve got to provide the proper infrastructure, like they do across most of Europe.

why not have a section simply called "The Environment" or "Environmental issues"? It would keep all the discussion in one place and I could just not go there :)
Fao Jim for changes to the site.
There's already a Category for Environment, but it's perhaps a little less prominent than it could be.

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Fighting Earth's Poor Health

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