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Khandro | 10:09 Thu 20th May 2021 | Site Suggestions
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Something that has bothered me for years; could we not at least have the option to go to the most recent post on a thread instead of the first, then having to go to the last page & the scroll down -or press 'end'.


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THECORBYLOON, even though there is only one page of answers the 'last by' link and my link should take you to the last post, with no need to scroll down the page.
no that's a pain in the April, the way it is is better because you read down a thread as it happened. It'd be like those annoying long email chains, you have to start at the bottom.
ED please never change the layout of AB it's perfect as it is.
Then you are not understanding me. If you go to the main ab page rather than latest posts and look at any post it says "last answer by who've at whatever time" that is a clickable link that takes you to the last post on the thread
"Sometimes you'll find a quiz question with the same answer by 4 different people and then see the last one was posted a day later!"

That's because the "answer box" is directly under the question & you don't necessarily see the answers already given. If the "answer" box was moved to below the last answer...
Khandro, are you talking about posts in the 'Latest Posts' list? If so, see the method I gave at 10:59: click on the Category shown below the thread title (before 'n mins ago'), e.g. 'Site Suggestions', then click the 'last by' link for the thread.
it probably wouldn't happen :-)
Question Author
Etch, That's exactly what I'm doing & it's unnecessarily complicated.
If I go to, say, the Telegraph's 'Comments' & many other sites, I go straight to the last post.
Why should we always go to page 1 & then have to choose the last page & then scroll down it? That's all I'm saying.
you dont have to if you do it the way i suggested
BA and a Golden Humbug to TTT...
By about the second or third page many threads have wandered so far from the original question that they become meaningless within the context of the question - and often by that time they're just personal spats between two or more contributors.

So I'm sorry, but I wouldn't welcome the change.
Khandro, I don't "always go to page 1 & then have to choose the last page & then scroll down it", I click on 'last by ...' (or my earlier link) and it shows the latest post at the top of my screen, no scrolling required. If it's not working for you then so be it, but for most of us it's not complicated at all.
Question Author
Etch, Sorry but there is no way I can go to something called "last by"
I just see it as part of using the internet, clicking,scrolling,opening new tabs, bookmarking,subscribing.

I don't find it irksome at all.
Khandro, how strange. Do you not see the '[number of] answers, last by [username] [time] [day] [date]' in the bottom right of each thread box here:
This really needn't be rocket science!

Currently, if one is starting out from the site's Home page (or, indeed, from anywhere else except 'Latest Posts') one can choose whether to go to the start of a thread or the end of it:

With regard to 'Latest Posts', all that's needed is for AB's techies to add in a 'Go to end' button, roughly along the lines of my illustration here:

Why is that so hard?

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