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Profiles - on other websites you can read them.

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BBWCHATT | 23:56 Sun 31st Dec 2006 | Site Suggestions
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Is there any way to look at another person's profile here on AB like you can on other websites - to find out their age, etc.? I think it would help me sometimes - when someone's question or answer confuses me - it would help to know if they are very young or like me, very old. It would also be nice to let people see your email address in case they would like to email you for something.


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Hi BBWCHATT, you could type their AB name into the 'Search the Site' box, (lower left on the screen under Editor's Blog) and see the sort of replies or questions the particular person has answered on previous occasions.
That does give one a bit of an insight into their personalities. As for email addresses being given out, people might worry they would get a flood of advertising emails. I guard my email address but even so the advertisers and nutters manage to send me hundreds of 'em! Happy New Year to you.
-- answer removed --
Happy New Year BB ..all the best to you my dear little old lady from Chattanooga ......from me here in wet windy Norfolk on the east coast of England ! ...Have a happy healthy 2007
Shaney xx
Hi BBWCHATT, I have only met you with regard to one question, and I know that I did not make my situation very clear, so I apologise for that. I have to say that I would not have known that you are a person of age from your fact I thought you were late 30s-early 40s (unless you're calling that very old!) I agree that you can tell a lot from people's past questions and answers, but having said that, some other people have occasionally used this screen name and so 'what you see' might not be the actual person writing the Q. Also I would not like to be judged by some of my past questions (eg regarding Cheese Phobia), no matter how welcome the response was! btw I thought your screen name CHATT meant that you like chatting, not that you are from Chattanooga, so apologies for boring you stiff with my lengthy replies!
Question Author
Oh Shaney - Happy New Year to you too honey - it has rained here in Chattanooga all day today too!!! I opted to skip the celebrations tonight and just stay home by myself where it is quiet and peaceful:) I can't possibly be lonely - I have you and all my other lovely friends here on AB!!!

Again, Happy New Year
from your friend, the old lady in Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA
Question Author
Crosso - you didn't bore me at all with your lengthy reply - I tend to be a little lengthy myself - I don't see anything at all wrong with that!!! The only responses I don't enjoy are the rude ones - luckily they are few and far between - as most Abers are so nice and friendly - that is why I have felt so much at home here - even though most of you are on the other side of the planet from me:)

Thank you for that 30 or 40 year old compliment honey - I wish that were true - I was born in 1946 - you do the math:)

I tried using the "Search the Site" for someone's past answers like Jimmy Neutron suggested, and I couldn't get it to work - did you try it? You know sometimes old ladies can't do things as well as others:)

Speaking of lengthy replies - I guess I should shut up and wish you a Happy New Year from the old lady in Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA
-- answer removed --

I thought you were an old lady but you're not. You're 10 years younger than my mum and I don't even think of her as old.

Happy New Year to a not so old lady from Chattanooga, USA!!!!

Happy New year BBWCHATT from the grey haired old bint over the pond in the SW of England and I look forward to reading lots of your posts and your recipes in 2007.
Question Author
Hi In A Pickle - from one old insomniac to another one:) Some nights I sleep in 30 minute to 1 hour increments - and stay awake for varying lengths of time in between - I play on AB a lot then:)

You said "old lady in Chattanooga conjurs up a picture of you in a rocking chair on a verandah shelling peas" - while that is a lovely Gone With The Wind picture - it doesn't describe me in ANY way - although I wish I had a verandah:) I have a deck - no rocking chairs at all - and I have never shelled a pea in my life - and wouldn't eat a grit if my life depended on it!!! You know they have those peas already shelled and frozen at the supermarket:)

Is it nice where you live there on the southern coast of England?

I do wish we could have access to the profile information - but like you said - only if the other person wants to share it.

What is the other forum you post on - if you don't mind sharing that information with me that is:)

Happy New Year to you too In A Pickle
from the old lady in Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA

Question Author
Ahhhh Athley - aren't you kind honey - as usual:) Tell your "not so old" Mom that I said she did a great job raising you - teaching you that good manners and kindness are always appropriate!!!

Happy New Year to you and your Mom Athley,
from the old lady in Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA
Question Author
Thank you very much zimzam - my kind AB friend!!!

I am jealous of that gray hair you say you have - at my age you would think mine would be that way too!!! When I was a child my Dad's Mother had beautiful white hair that looked like the spun snow they used to use under Christmas trees. I thought - now when I grow up I am going to have that kind of hair. The reality is - I still have that dark blonde/light brown color I have had since my childhood white hair turned darker - and I couldn't BUY a gray hair!!! I think only those who don't want it are allowed to turn grey:)

Happy New Year to you zimzam -
from the old lady in Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA
All the best for 2007 BB to you and yours :-)
Question Author
Happy New Year to you too Boo
from the old lady in Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA
Hi BBW, Happy New Year to you.

Like In a Pickle, thats kinda what I imagined you to be like too, weird the images ones mind will create!!! Born in 1946, thats not old at all, not im my book anyway.

Just for your information heres my profile -
Sex - female
Status - Engaged to be married
Location - Belfast, Northern Ireland, soon to move to Scotland
Occupation - Government
Children - None
Pets - None at the moment
Cooking abilities -dubious, although that is probably obviouse from some of my questions and answers!

Don't have a non-work e-mail address at the moment but when I get one I will happily post it for you.
Hope that helps.

cheers warpig1

Question Author
War - Congratulations to you honey!!! I had no idea you were about to get married.

Soooo, you and In A Pickle both thought I was one of those Gone With The Wind kind of old Southern ladies did you:) What is so funny about that is that I have always thought I would have enjoyed living in that time - on a plantation - with all those servants - and sipping Mint Julep's on the veranda. But then reality sets in when I realize they probably didn't have showers and central heat & air and refrigerators and TVs and telephones and computers and supermarkets and restaurants and shopping malls and cars - all the things that make life worth living really:)

I didn't realize you were 39 War - I thought you were much younger too!!!

Not really obvious that you aren't very good in the kitchen. I have no cooking talent whatsoever. I love watching cooking shows and reading recipes and saving them, and I have more cooking gadgets than any 3 people should possess. If you talked to me you would think I am a gourmet chef - because I know lots and lots about cooking - but knowing and doing are two entirely different things. My family says it strikes fear in their heart when I go in the kitchen. My little niece - when I had made something - and she was afraid they would judge me too harshly - said "now remember B's not a very good cooker":) I guess the only thing I am really good at is making reservations!!!

By way of explanation, B is my nickname - my name is Brenda

Happy New Year to you too War and congratulations again,
from the old lady in Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA
Thanks BBW, for the congratulations and for saying you thought I was younger!

I am taking a career break from work and my last day is 27 Feb so I am just counting down the days until I leave for Scotland, am currently sitting at my desk shuffling the same bits of paper around and trying to avoid any new work!

When I get to Scotland I will have a home computer so no doubt will be on AB day and night, much to mrwarpigs frustration, still it keeps me quite so maybe he wont mind too much.

And yes, the 'Gone with the Wind' southern lady is exactly what I had in mind!

Hello again BBWChatt, I have just glanced at your replies and thought they were funny...when you answered my question about the mayor of Hollywood, I pictured you to be a youngish chick who is in touch with the PRs and agents behind the scenes of the film aren't old at all so please just keep as young as you are, and thank you very much for all your help in replying with the Qs! Now awaiting a reply from the Mayor..fingers crossed.
Question Author
Hi crosso - I am afraid I am the kind of youngish chick who was born in 1946 honey:) And instead of living the lifestyles of the rich and famous with the Hollywood jetset - I work for a mortgage company - work from my home - to re-finance houses and get new mortgages for those who want to buy a home:) Not exactly the glamorous life - but it keeps me from starving:)

I hope you hear from the Major very soon - and I also hope you contact me from Hollywood some day!!! At least then I could say I knew someone famous:)

the old lady from Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA
Hi again...great job - it must be very satisfying to help people out in that way. I won't be going to Hollywood, I'm afraid...on a less glam note we live in greater London (20 mins from central London on the train. I haven't got those starstruck dreams of my yesteryears although if my daughter wants to follow her dream then I would give her the best support I could (she has won awards as a dancer but I think her best talent is as a a mum I would say that though!) I don't want to be a pushy mum so as long as she fares well in her basic maths, literacy then ok. They are friendly rivals in her class. One rather aspirational friend had a reply from the Queen (Liz) or at least from Liz's offices, so I really hope the Mayor of Hollywood replies, as that would be at least on a par (not to offend Her Madge, of course!) I'll try to let you know if/when the Mayor replies. PS If you have time to answer, I'd be interested to know if there is some kind of train monument in Chattanooga (for the choo-choo, or am I being daft?!) Best wishes

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