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Chat and Rules

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prospector | 01:57 Sat 20th Jan 2007 | Site Suggestions
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Crystal Guides public statement - (a community question and answer site where users ask genuine questions and receive answers from fellow members)

Hi Ed - some suggestions!
ABers serial chatting using AB as a chat community site gives rise to a flurry of divisive opinion. Chatterbank was tried, but 'abused' and therefore withdrawn ..... B&S and old threads are now chatterbank, in all except name....

{B&S deserves better - too many (sensitive/personal)questions have not been given respect - even with apologies afterwards for insensitive replies.}

AB is a community site and friendships are forged .... so, my suggestion is ..... give ABers a means to get in contact with other ABers without having to publicly disclose on this site their email address etc. OR facilitate / provide for chatting on the AB site

{Banter, humour etc when replying is very different and is part of 'community spirit'.}

A number of angst posts during the 'reign' of the last Ed were about Rules and that some were applied / while others were not? ...... I am not advocating rules, just saying that it makes for confusion if AB sets down Rules and then do not apply them?

{Some ABers believe they get banned by other ABers using the 'report 3 times function' mischievously. My suggestion is that the final say on banning should be an editorial one before the banning i.e. not automatically generated by the computer followed by Ed review. (Put the banning requests into a file 'pending editorial review')

Good Luck Ed !!


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Hi Neti.....sorry TCL mentioned your name along with mine, I think now in hindsight I should have worded it better :(
Do you think TCL will forgive me if I buy Brenda some apples? :)
Hello Redbel.....did you get to listen to those songs?

Any good?
Hiya ummmm...sure did...they are brill :)
-Zorro- I don't think you realise that TCL has owned Brenda the Elephant for at least a year now and probably longer. His Brenda is nothing to do with Bob's blow-up. Brenda is a treasured mascot of AB and has even been to Ibiza in a suitcase and casued havoc. We've had whole threads devoted to Brenda the Elephant, she is a national treasure.
Apologies to both of you Redbel and netzl. I was a wee bit emotional for reasons I'll not trouble yous wi and I was a wee bit over-sensitive.

As for Brenda The Elephant, after helping Santa over Christmas, she's getting a wee bit big for her beets (already size 120 wi a wide fiiting)
<b<TCL forgive my ignorance - what is a beet??
TCL forgive my ignorance - what is a beet??
Oooops - I'll say that only once ........................... :-)
Beets are boots!
Of course they are - silly me!!!

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Chat and Rules

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