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AB - The Gestapo of websites?

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BBWCHATT | 14:24 Wed 23rd May 2007 | Site Suggestions
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AB - The Gestapo of websites?


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Because posts that were rude, abusive and agressive were removed?
We both know of one that's worse.
Huh I'm confused??

Whiffey your Guniness is waiting for you :o )

Boo fancy a pint down the pub?
I had lunch with the Ab Ed the other day. She is fairly liberal I think, not the leftist computer nerd I took her for. My only criticism is that she doesn't really know how to eat lobster. It was like Daryl Hannah in "Splash".

Very attractive though. Great breasts.
I didnt know lobsters had breasts.

Hey Joe, just for future reference the AB Editor hates lobster........but yes she has great breasts!
Are we back in Food & Drink then. People want recipes for cooking lobster breasts?
I prefer lobsters to women's breast actually!!
First the AB folk are called "deaf, stupid or both" and now they're being compared to the Gestapo.

What age are yous? It's pathetic!
The questioner is a moderator on another site, and one that bans users if they have a tilt at the chief SS officer, so maybe a tad of sour grapes here.
There's nothing wrong with this website, I'll have you know. I've been on others and this wins hands down. Why is it being compared to a horrible organisation??
To further specify, the questioner once expressed a wish to ban whiffey because she 'didn't like me'.

So please clear off back to your alternative hole BBW.

Awwww whiffey, lol- how can anyone not like you my little treacle pot? ;-)
What is a treacle pot ?

B00 is the only person on here I would marry tomorrow, for her sheer decency and forthrightness. She looks well tasty as well. However, there is a lucky Mr Boo, and the forbidding backdrop of the Lancashire cotton mills.

Right!!! Footie time. 7-6 to Milan is my prediction, own goal by Gerrard in the final minute.
But you object to people who post their Quiz and Puzzle questions which relate to Food or Drink in that category which you seem to patrol on a regular basis ......... Pot and Kettle ?
-- answer removed --

Why are you damning the bridge you crossed? When the other side did not exist you were on her frequently. Well, just remember it takes one to know one.

Maybe you are abusing AB to create a BIG impression for the Chatters eh.

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AB - The Gestapo of websites?

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