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bednobs | 08:03 Sun 24th Jun 2007 | Site Suggestions
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dear ab team, how about an automatic 1 day ban for anyon who has more than, say 5 posts moved or reported? i wonder if this would stop people willfully making my blood boil when they know they are in the wrong section! or willfully being abusive (actually i doubt it would)
alternitively, could you give me banning powers for 24 hours pleeeeease :-)


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Question Author
when? and hw do you know what i report or dont report? How do you know i report lovely people?
apperently im not allowed to disagree with people, but you are?
you have disagreed with me on this post ... what a heinous crime this disagreeing business is eh?
and since you disagreed with me (shock horror) perhaps i am justified in asking you to die? In fact, i dont think you DESERVE to be on here, with all your disagreeing, its really bringing me and all MY mates down.!!!
for the record, i dont report people because i dont like them, if i report at all, i report for a reportable reason as stated by the ed in the reason for reporting pane
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Question Author
and now i look like a totally nasty person cause the post telling me to die, and that i dont deserve to be here has been deleted. Hee hee!
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Ahhh don't worry aboutr it bednobs.

Contrary to popular belief amongst other ABers, you ARE allowed to disagree with summet if ya want!

You carry on girl ;-)
Bednobs...i have had a few beers so prob been OTT 2nite ...but why do you stop everyone from saying anything on here
Do you have a control issue that means that you feel the need to police the site? I thought that is what the Ed is here for - I agree that people need to have a facility to report things when they are totally unacceptable, however, why care if someone has put something in the wrong area, or if it isn't strictly a question? What harm does it really do? Surely this site is here for everyone to use, and it is really self policing - if people didn't want to answer a post, they wouldn't bother and the poster would stop posting. If people aren't following the rules, then that is up to the Ed to deal with, never been a snitch and never will be.
my post got removed too, and I was agreeing with bednobs... but I do anyway. You're entitled to report posts if they break the rules, which many do, especially on weekends. And bednobs should probably be given plenipotentiary powers just on her birthday.
why is a list of things that make my blood boil not allowed when bednobs has said the things that make her blood boil?
edited version:
i have a list of things that potentially can make 'my blood boil' but for the life of me I can't see anything to do with over zealous postings in wrong categories on a web site on it. But here is my list anyway:
1) Crimes against children and animals
2) Crime against vulnerable people like the elderley.
3) Needless death and suffering in third world countries.
4) The murder of John Lennon
5) The death of Princess Diana and the subsequent fdailed investigations.
6) Reality TV
7) bad drivers
8) having to pay a TV license when you have Sky or cable.
9) call centres in employing non- English speaking operators.
10) Customers with no money buying on appro. just to impress their friends.
11) Old people in M&S not understanding the concept of 'food to go' and queueing with a trolley containing a quarter of boiled ham, a rubber plant and a packet of elasticated tights.
12) Articualted lorries driving through small villages at 4am.

plenipotentiary ???

I see jno has been using word of the day loo roll again.
jno agrees with someone.


they must be wrong .lol

re post no power to one person would be wrong.

end of.

no one person should have that power
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leg end, give it a rest. jno is one of the best folk around 'ere on AB. I really do think that foreign sun is baking' ya brains now.
Jno....bednobs clearly has 3 names on here to delete peoples answers herself. noone would remove the innocent unoffensive short answers it must have been her not anyone else.

Therefore she is breaking the Site Rules by having multiple identities to cause problems to others.

I posted 2 Qs in here coz Sport was broke. It cant be fixed till office opens on Monday.

Posting Qs in Ab Suggs are for the Ed and cant be answered till office opens on Monday.

There is a clear irony here.

I posted in same section that Qs were posted saying Sport was broke. If she had not posted her Q , my Qs would have been reallocated to Sport on Monday AFTER Sport had been fixed.

Question Author
grrrr, really, what makes you think i reported your posts (oh dear there must be other people who report things!)? Not that its any of your business, but i left the house about 715 yesterday am and didnt get back till about 8pm - and i could hardly care enough that your posts are in the wrong section to take my computer to a muddy field in hampshire to attend a flyball competition!
and i don't have 3 usernames!
Really your wrath is directed in the wrong direction ... so theres probably someone else you hope dies out there too (or 3 other people). Lovely!
i dont have the power to "stop everyone saying anything" because then this site would be bednobsbank, where i asked and answered all the questions, which would hardly be entertaining, even to myself. If the ed feels that something has been banned in error they reinstate it, so i would have to presume that posts that disappear and dont come back dont fit the criteria!
The eds don't reinstate banned posts because they are too busy playing in the office lift.
Besides, they are all too evil for sympathy

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