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hundreddolla | 11:42 Fri 12th Oct 2007 | Site Suggestions
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I'm thinking of starting a website to aid people who are too lazy to type words into google for the answer to a question. They can now log onto my site and get others to do it for them. I'm going to call it

Do you think it will take off? Are there really morons out there who are too lazy to "google" ?

Answers to the usual address.

Best answer wins a free swim off the end of Wigan Pier.


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if only youd thought of it sooner eh?
Question Author

I coulda been rich! Rich i tells ya!

ooh put your handbag away
Id prefer Wigan casino lol

AB is already like that anyway, namely when people post how long is the flight from manchester to Majorca
Urmm - how long is the flight from manchester to majorca?
lol u already know

"How do i apply for a job in the fire service"
Question Author
I'm waiting for a question to be posted like this......

....."Can anyone direct me to a website where you can ask a question and have it answered by members of the public?".....
Wouldn�t that take away the �human� and �community� element of Answerbank? If a child came up to you and asked you a question, would you always berate them and tell them to �look in a book�? So many people today are losing the art of communication. Ttexting and emailing has removed and negated the capacity to actually �speak�, so lets save the last bastion of electronic interaction by using the site for its intended purpose:

��The AnswerBank is a free knowledge network designed to allow users to interchange information, provide solutions to questions, and enable intelligent discussion about topics of interest�.�

Rather than send people off on a lonely quest amongst the myriad of annals on Google. If a question annoys you so much, why not ignore it and remain in your own uncommunicative unhelpful world? Every question on Answerbank could be answered with a �try Google� but fortunately many people on here are willing and compassionate enough to be personally helpful often opening up debate and discussion.

the laziest question i ever saw was 'i fell asleep while watching a DVD - what chapter was the good bit' lm/Question442528.html

oddly enough asking the question here took considerably more effort than looking for yourself
Question Author
Octavius - Thanks for being the voice of reason. I'd never thought of it that way before, i'm now a changed man. You have really touched my heart,

.....right, now back to the humorous aspect of this post, making fun of idiots.
Who just mentioned idiots ?
Question Author
Smurf Queen, re the DVD chair scene question, what i can't beleive is that no one has posted a sarcastic answer!!
Isn�t that Q submitted by smurfchops a prime antithesis of your point?

I doubt you would be able to find the answer on Google, so it gives ABers the chance to have an opinion on the general aspect of the contents of the DVD or the film/programme in question. Everyone knows the best bits of the DVD are the bits where you don�t fast forward.

In all of your posts dollar, I never would have guessed you were a man.
Question Author
Jeez Louise Octavius, this is a lighthearted poking fun at OURSELVES type of post. No need for the over analysis. But yes you're quite right ,this site is for lonely AND lazy people, not just lazy as i mentioned before. Thanks for correcting me.
You're welcome.
I think I shall compile and publish a dictionary with an index.
Hells teeth!
By the barnacles of Bath, why did I never think of that?

Dr S Johnson
........and a table of contents.

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