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yapisle | 22:54 Tue 25th Dec 2007 | Site Suggestions
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The latest is -
� A London authority is making plans to ban soup kitchens on its streets, they claim it draws in rough sleepers to the area. Do you agree? � What are we being asked to vote on? Agreeing with the decision of the London Authortiy to ban soup kitchens, or The claim that it draws rough sleepers to the area? Am I the only Aber who finds these 'Have Your Say' questions ' naff ' and pointless? Whose getting paid what for this? (I don't vote, but they add to the clutter on this site and there is so much junk advertising/marketing on this site ..... its a wonder the site ever downloads and avoids 'crashing') :-)


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The poll on the right? - Yes I agree it is so poorly worded as to be useless.

But it is the poll on the left that concerns me much more because of the lack of some of the most obvious buttons.

For instance, where are the buttons that say:

What is an AMT Tax?
Who are Bill Richardson, John Edwards and Barack Obama?
Who are Fred Thompson, Mike Huckabee, Rudi Giuliani, Mitt Romney?
Who or what is/are LSU?
Who was Gov. Huckabee and what did he say?
Who is Palm and What will they make?
What is the meaning of 'Destoryed'?
Who are Harvey Weinstein and Georgina Chapman? (and why should we be concerned?
What are 'The Amazing Race'. 'The Hills' and 'Project Runway'?
What writers' strike?
We never celebrate Thanksgiving
Where is MLB?
Who is George Mitchell?
What is BCS?
Who are Pam Anderson and Rick Soloman

. . . and of course the universal button on all opinion polls:


To be honest I never ever notice those polls.
Oh dear, that's next Christmas's dinner gone then!!
more than the christmas dinner is going .... FAITH is going

non-christian faiths will soon be the majority in a dozen cities and major towns around the UK

what other country is raped of its faith, traditions, culture and heritage by its own government?

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Have Your Say - poll

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