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Thinly Veiled Prejudice

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hundreddolla | 14:26 Thu 12th Feb 2009 | Site Suggestions
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Is there any chance of a section entitled Thinly Veiled Prejudice? That way, anyone who wants to post thinly veiled, prejudiced racist, islamaphobic, anti-semitic, 'questions' can do so without poisoning all other areas of The Answerbank.


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lol zac, subtle
I hate the term of endearment 'hun', but just realised I can use it to refer to you hun-dreddolla(r), you should have used 100dollar!
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What you are saying is that you would like to stifle opinions that you don't agree with.

Look up the meaning of "prejudice"

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Thinly Veiled Prejudice

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