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Unsolicited Spam emails from UK Net Guide

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hundreddolla | 12:03 Thu 14th May 2009 | Site Suggestions
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Has anyone else been sent unsolicited spam emails from UKnet Guide via The Answerbank? The Answerbank MUST have something to do with this as the email was addressed to Count Funkula, a pseudonym i used when i signed up with Answerbank, and have not used anywhere else.


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Look at the registration, there is a tick in the box that says 'Yes, I would like to receive information from ....'

Did you bother to untick it?
Question Author
yes i did "bother" to untick it.
yes, lots, and yes I also ticked boxes. But they go straight to the junk folder and quietly expire there.
well, unticked...
Me too! It appears that Uknetguide & Answerbank are owned by separate companies too - Crystal Guide Ltd & Answerbank Ltd respectively. Therefore it seems that this is illegal as per the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) & The Data Protection Act, as it appears that Answerbank is sharing our personal details with Uknetguide!
How very dare they!!

I've been getting them, just binning them unread
dont like it best thing to do

close your account

problem solved

glad to be of assistance : o)
I posted a thread about these the other day and a helpful aber advised me to scroll to the bottom of the email and click on 'unsubscribe' it worked, they have stopped,
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The problem, Dot.Haukes, is that a good few of us have unchecked the "I DON'T WANT ANSWERBANK TO SELL MY EMAIL ADDRESS TO A COMPANY INVOLVED IN SPAM EMAIL" button, yet we are still receiving these unsolicited spam emails from UKNET Guide.
Question Author
Does anyone know where we stand legally?
Further to zippyboss's comment . . . . .

Answerbank domain name is registered to Crystal Guides Ltd (see here)


UK Net Guide is owned by Crystal Guides Ltd (see here)


Crystal Guides Ltd registered office is the same as UK Net Guide (see here) cks/private/snapshot.asp?privcapId=6059071

Additionally, if you look at the top right hand corner of this Answerbank page you will see a facility to Switch to UK Net Guide.

Not really surprising you get spam emails from them . . . . .

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Unsolicited Spam emails from UK Net Guide

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