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Kindle E-reader Questions

Welcome to The AnswerBank's Kindle Question Round-up. Here we've pulled together a selection of the most common questions and queries about the Kindle (and other E-readers!). "I'm Not Convinced a Kindle or E-reader is For Me": A discussion on the utility and usability of the Kindle. Some are unsure as to why they ...09:45 Tue 13th Dec 2011

How To Upgrade Your Internet Browser

 Internet Browsers are getting better and better. Increasingly they're fast, flexible and secure  portals to the wonders of the internet. With such progress we eventually have to say goodbye to other version of browsers. These older browsers were from a time when the current web just couldn't be imagined and ...10:45 Tue 13th Sep 2011

The AnswerBank and Facebook Introduction, FAQ & Staying Safe Guide

AnswerBank users can now log into The AnswerBank with their Facebook accounts should they wish to. For those who aren't already a member of The AnswerBank can now validate their account by signing in with Facebook - although you still need to register with The AnswerBank of course!We understand there may be a lot of qu...17:00 Thu 05th May 2011

The AnswerBank Newsletter April 2011

  It finally feels like Spring is here, and with it comes a few changes to the site. We have two new sub-topics springing about the place like excitable lambs.  Weight Loss & Dieting  Inspired by the Onwards & Downwards Club we have created a new category - it is perfect for thos...16:45 Mon 04th Apr 2011

What is an Avatar

What is an Avatar An avatar is a unique image that is displayed next to any post you make on The AnswerBank. Currently, as you have no avatar activated on your account, you will see the famous AnswerBank “jellymen” appear above your name. You can easily change your avatar by following the process below, giving you ...17:09 Mon 11th Oct 2010

Image Websites for Avatars

Image Websites for AvatarsChoosing an Avatar for your AnswerBank profile can be a difficult task – it’s all about finding a balance between personality and, in most cases, decency.Where can I get an image from You have a couple of options when it comes to using an image for your avatar. Firstly, you could visit a s...14:37 Thu 27th May 2010

How Gravatar Works

 Gravatars are Globally Recognised Avatars. This is an Avatar which is connected to your email address which you carry around the internet. Any page you log into or sign up with this email address will display your Gravatar as an Avatar, assuming the website you have signed up for is compatible. Here is a video f...16:37 Mon 24th May 2010

How to Ask a Question in The AnswerBank

The AnswerBank is a great place to learn new things, debate opinions and to find answers to those burning questions. If you are a member of the AnswerBank already you are likely to have already asked and answered a few questions. Still, there are a few who find they have a little trouble getting their question out the...16:37 Mon 24th May 2010

Keeping Track of My Questions in The AnswerBank

When we post a question on The AnswerBank sometimes we want to keep track of it with as little effort as possible. Once we’ve asked a question there are two ways to keep track of it. Subscribe When you subscribe to a question you will receive email updates whenever someone answers your question. To subscribe t...16:37 Mon 24th May 2010

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