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Autistic Dictionary?

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Tis-I-Podstick | 13:41 Sun 23rd Jun 2013 | Books & Authors
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I have been informed that there is a book which puts into Neurotypical English some of the things that autistic people say and also translates into exact meaning some of the Neurotypical phrases which we tend to come out with which confuse those with autism.
I have a son with a pending asd/aspergers diagnosis and would like to get hold of this book, unfortunately I don't know what the book is called or who it is by. Can anyone help please.


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Hi Lorenzino, no its more of a translation/phrase book, along the lines of a spanish/english phrase book as asd people tend to take phrases very literally and can struggle with the casual sayings which neurotypical people understand easily.
Thank you glasman, that looks great, I will check that one out
I have never heard of this at all, surely all ASD people are different so would not necessarily say the same sort of phrases?
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Yes thats true, its maybe more of the other sort of translation from what us neurotypicals say to what asd people think we say. We are far more predictable in our use of strange sayings. I remember telling my son to pull himself together once and he just looked at me with that look on his face which told me I was talking drivel again. As I said its something I was told about ages ago and my poor mumsy brain is very leaky regarding details so I have quite possibly got it wrong, but any suggestions regarding reading are gratefully received.
Here's the book you're seeking:

However, as someone with a form of high-functioning autism myself, I can't really see the point of it!

not all are as high-functioning as you, though, Chris. It makes sense for Podstick to try to study this in advance.
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Thats it!! Thank you Buenchico, I know it will have limited use as my son is pretty high functioning, his IQ is getting on for the high 140s and he attends a grammar school so is very academic, he does however have his moments (I think he gets those from me) and I attend a support group for parent with mixed bag of ASD children and so even if this isn't of direct help for my son it will help me understand how others minds work. I tend to be very literal myself although mine is mainly with the written word. My favourite sentence was "Nurse helps dog bite victim". It had to be explained to me by my husband who was aghast that I just didn't get it.
but that's bad english, as newspaper speak often is.

it should either be "Nurse helps dog TO bite victim"
or "Nurse helps victim OF dog bite"

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Autistic Dictionary?

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