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ATTENTION : Opinions Please Aries/Leo

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speacialK | 04:46 Wed 26th Oct 2011 | Arts & Literature
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please give me your opinions or if so experiences .. Is there a strong attraction between an aries male and leo female, I ask because I never dated an aries guy before.I only found out he was an aries through someone else, now here is the jacked up part he has someone else. And how do you know if an aries is attracted to you or likes you ? Im just wondering thats all. Oh and one last question, what if he runs into you in a conversation with a friend who happens to stay in the neighborhood and greets the other person with a handshake and turns and smiles and shakes your hand too, that was the first time we cross paths in front of each other even though we seen each other around. there was one time when I was coming from school and and i was in my car listening to music and he was sitting on his porch then all of a sudden he starts doing situps and working out im like oh ok! even my boyfriend at the time had brought up the fact of him coming outside when I left my house asking why he came outside right after I got in my car. I figured my boyfriend was tripping thats why he is an ex for a reason. So why am I attracted to him? could it be because I never met an aries before or what? it is strange because I dont become attracted to someone who has somebody else. I need some help on this one!! I never conversated with him, they just moved in the neighborhood. I know his girl is not too fond of me she does not speak to me either. . Thanks


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Do you seriously believe in such rubbish SpeacialK? I can't believe you would base a relationship on something like that? I can only think that any man who doesn't fulfil your inane astrological expectations has had a very lucky escape!
Special ;-) Of course you've met Aries men before, you just didn't know because my people don't advertise their star sign. andy's right it's a crazy thing to base a relationship on ( and I actually have a lot of time for proper astrology), but life experiences could make one person so different from another of the same sun sign it's not a wise thing to invest in. Also you sound pretty young, so I assume you're just doing what all people are programmed to do which is look around for the ideal mate- just don't make it matter what star sign he is.
I'm Aries by the way Nox so I think the answer is probably no!
"how do you know if an aries is attracted to you"
Same way you find out how a non-aries is attracted to you.

All involved seem somewhat young. Attention of an attractive member of the opposite sex is desirable so hardly surpring if someone shows off in front of you.

I guess his irlfriend isn't keen on you as sge know you are a rival.

I tend to advise not to run after folk already in a relationship. I suspect he knows you are interested and if he wants to change his relationships before you have found someone available, that is up to him. I'd also advise not mooning over him in the meanwhile. Look for those not in a relationship to get to know and develop feelings for.
back off a bit guys specialK is new from the looks of it.

You've posted this in the Arts and literature section by mistake.

If you click on the body and soul or the chatterbanksection and post there you might get a slightly more favourable response
what oldgeezer said
Why do you believe in this rubbish. Astrology is patently childish nonsense. Grow up !
This post seems to appear word for word on a around half a dozen sites so hopefully the poster now has a good range of answers

My advice is to ignore the issue of start signs- it's the relationship that matters

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ATTENTION : Opinions Please Aries/Leo

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