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Post-Christmas Story For Your Youngsters - What Happens To Xmas Trees!

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DTCwordfan | 10:31 Sun 30th Dec 2012 | Arts & Literature
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Last night on MoFC, there was a wee chat between nungate, lcg, mammar and myself about writing - be it creative, term papers, university research papers or stories. Like many folk, they had written and also had stories for their children, ones that get made up using a family pet or an favourite toy.....that sort of thing.

I revealed a little section of "Laura's Story" - something that I have written and, in short, I promised to put it on here. It was originally written for my daughter but adapted this year for a 5 year old girl suffering from mutism, a form of autism that blocks speech with people she does not know well. My local's landlady and I are just about there with little whispers being made now.

I gave them a paper version of this below - it's targeted at 4 to 6 year olds, and maybe 7 to 8 for reading themselves, though Laura, apparently, reading it out aloud. (She is a pretty bright kid).

Anyway, it's just a small something. My question to you is whether you have such stories?

There is one thing I have to mention and that is copyright. This story and any attempted variations to it, copyright-wise, belong to me, DTcrosswordfan, and the Ed obviously has my-e-mail to link it through to my real name. I just need to make that clear.

So here goes - it's split across the opening thread and the first reply.

I hope your children or young grandchildren enjoy it. And Happy New Year from me to you.

Laura’s Christmas Story

It was that time after Christmas when Mummy and Daddy take down all the decorations.

The cuddly Santas and animals are packed away for their long sleep, the “Happy” cards are taken down, the Christmas candles, cups and plates and tablecloths are put into the back of the cupboard.

My home will look so empty.

The worst moment is when Daddy takes the Christmas tree out of the house.

I laugh when he gets cross at all the small, green, pine needles that fall off.

Daddy has to clean up them up for Mummy or she will get mad at him.

I am so sad when I go around my neighbours and friends and see all the Christmas trees, that the boys and girls enjoyed so much, lying there by the road.

However, I now know what happens to the trees. And it is very special.

One day after Christmas, Daddy saw that I was sad.

He asked me “What’s wrong, sweetie?”

So, I told him all about the tree lying out there in the cold and so unhappy after being in our warm house.

Our tree was beautifully decorated and with presents underneath and now it was out there near the lane, forgotten and miserable.

“Darling, the tree has not been forgotten. Santa knows that it is there and, if you like, I will tell you what happens.”

I replied, “Yes please!”

And this is what Daddy told me.



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Question Author
“Santa waits until all the trees are out of the boys and girls houses and then one night, he will harness up the reindeer and a special large sleigh.

Once more, he comes to our street in the middle of the night when everybody is fast asleep so there is no fuss.

He parks his sled up in the middle of the road.

Quietly, and as quiet as a mouse, Santa and two elves, get out of the large sleigh and pick up the nearest tree and put it on the back of the sleigh – and then the next one and the next one.

If there are a lot of trees to pick up, Santa may use some of his special magic to move the trees nearer to the sleigh so as to make the job quicker and quieter.

There are lots and lots of trees to load.

He may have to come back another night to get the trees from other streets and this is why I still see trees near my house after mine has gone.

Up, up and away Santa and his elves go on the sleigh laden down with my tree and all the others.

Across the villages, the towns, the snow-covered countryside, the reindeers pull the sleigh at fast speed.

And on to Santa’s and their home near the North Pole.

Santa and the reindeer come into land.

They have to be careful, as the sleigh is very heavy with the trees on board.

As they come to a stop in front of Santa’s home and farm, out come the other reindeer and elves.

They have been busy while Santa has been away.

The reindeers have been digging holes for the trees, using their hooves and noses and the elves have been preparing decorations and presents.

The elves and the reindeer that stayed at the farm quickly unload the trees.

The trees are carried to their fresh holes to be planted.

The elves are ready with new pine needles to replace those that have fallen off and magic paint to make all the trees fresh and green.

Buckets of water are ready for the trees to drink as they are thirsty after having been inside our houses.

Everybody is tired after all the hard work and, so, off to bed they all go.

The next day is a busy one as a big thank-you party is planned.

This happens every year, as Santa wants to thank everybody who helped make Christmas so happy and special for all the boys and girls.

After breakfast, Santa, the elves and the reindeer go to the farm where all the toys and presents are made and stored in the barns.

A lot of work and magic is needed to get the presents wrapped with paper, ribbons and bows and then to be brought out to be placed under the trees.

Other elves and reindeer use magic to decorate the trees with shiny decorations and lights. Mrs. Santa keeps everybody warm and fed with hot chocolates, apple juice, cookies and the biggest gooey iced cakes, and not forgetting nettle wine and grass for the reindeer.

Mrs. Santa is also very busy as she looks after the kitchen and all the cooking for the big dinner to say thank-you.

Her special dish is a huge Christmas soup that is made from all the pine needles and small branches that have dropped off the trees.

It is a secret recipe of Mrs. Santa’s and involves lots of nice things and magic to make it. A long time is needed to make it taste so yummy.

That evening, everybody arrives at Santa’s North Pole house.

Question Author
The reindeer with their sleighs carry all the guests in and the party begins straight away.

Music, singing, fun, tasty food and especially the Christmas soup are shared around.

Everybody laughs and claps when Santa gets up to give a special thank-you to all who have helped him and to say that they may open the presents under my tree and all the other trees.

Everybody is happy and cheer loudly when Santa gives Mrs. Santa her special surprise present.

She becomes very red in the face when Santa gives her a big kiss.

I know my tree and all the trees are happy to share.

Most importantly of all, they have given happiness to those who help Santa.

And after the big party, when all the guests have gone home and Santa, Mrs. Santa, the elves and the reindeer are tucked into bed, the trees now can go to sleep and be ready to be shipped to all the boys and girls houses next Christmas.

All that anybody can hear at Santa’s house are very loud zzzzz’s and snores, just like your Dad.”

“Thank-you, Daddy,” I say, “Now I am not sad, knowing that my Christmas tree is in a truly happy place like Santa’s.”
I enjoyed it DT and I'm sure kids would love it. Will you illustrate it as well?
Great story DT, always wondered what happened to all the old Chistmas trees.
The kids should love this story.
They could plant them across the villa goal.
Oi, no need for that owd lol. We could do with something bigger and stronger than that !.
Question Author
Is that what Nottingham Forest does then, owd?

Probably not, sibs, yes - I do want to get it illustrated and may provide provisional sketches but I think I need a professional for this job.......
So that's the reason there was no Christmas tree shredder outside our local Tesco last year!
DT that was lovely. I agree with you totally about the illustrations. If I see it in the shops you will indeed have blown your cover.
However, in view of the fact that we would recognise you if you called yourself Timescrosswordlover, or suchlike, may I selfishly suggest you keep your story out of Waterstones and stay here anonymously with us as our own, treasured DT.
Great story, DT!
that is a very good story, DT
DT. A lovely, lovely story....and I have no little ones to read to....although I am given children to read to when I go to Brighton and Leeds so your story will come with me........Thank you Gx
DT - thanks very much, my little great-niece will LOVE it, she is just 7 and a brilliant reader. :)

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Post-Christmas Story For Your Youngsters - What Happens To Xmas Trees!

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